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Shazam: works good, but now it's limited...

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by desertsong27, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. desertsong27

    desertsong27 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 25, 2010
    Shazam's a great application, and found on both the Android and iPhone/iPod Touch. It's great at finding songs, even if it picks up only a few lines, and nearly all the songs I've tried to tag work. I'm always listening to the radio, and a lot of the time they don't tell you the song or the artist, so when I really want to know, this is the app I choose. Much easier than trying to match lyrics. I started using it a couple months ago, so I was getting unlimited tags, but I'm avoiding the update because they just changed it to limited for free, then you have to pay. Yeah, I'm not updating, I want my unlimited tags.


  2. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2009
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    North Carolina
    If you used it before July 13th, then you still get unlimited tags even after the update.

    I'm screwed because I got a replacement phone from sprint after mine was broken, and it doesn't have my history of downloads. I guess they are synced with the actual phone, instead of my google account (which seems silly to me). But yeah, I re-downloaded and I'm assuming I have only 5 tags now.

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