Accessories Shell Holster Case Plus Red Gradient case = Perfection

I finally found the perfect case. I dont like carrying my phone in my pockets for many different reasons. So this left me with very little choices for cases. I like my phone on my belt, so at purchase time I bought the Shell / Holster combo. It was the best thing I could find at the time. The shell holster is great with two exceptions: 1 the phone is not protected at the top and bottom and 2 it slides out way to easily. My phone slipped out of the case while getting out of the car, and wouldnt you know it landed right in the unprotected bottom corner. So this morning I went to the verizon store and told them the story, and what do you know they actaully had a perfect solution. They sold me the red gradient case which offers full protection for the phone, and fits better in the holster than the case that came with the holster. I think I am now satisfied, full protection for the phone and it stays in the holster much better. I hope this helps others in my situation.


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Yeah pink and black case fits nicely and so does the dark red hard case. Getting one soon for my dark red case


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I appreciate the advice. I have the red gradient case but wanted to carry the phone on my belt, so I just ordered the 2 part Body Glove case. Glad to know my red gradient case will still fit!


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Yeah , i got the red gradient case, one of the few acc. available at the time (the 29th) , then stopped at wallyworld, found a case logic generic holster that holds phone with case just right.
This will do me until i find something better.


That sounds good. I have the shell/holster combo right now, and I also had it slip out of the holster. Even though it slid on the concrete, no damage at all. I didn't realize the gradient case would fit as well.


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phone incase.jpg

Sorry I had to take the phone out of the case to take the pics. Im not at home with my camera, but this will give you the general idea. Really a great fit.


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Had this same exact setup on mine since day 1 (29th) . . .
Previously I had the shell/holster combo on my Moto Droid and loved it, so I preordered the one for the Inc. It came in on the 28th and the first thing I noticed was that the case was poorly designed. My two main complaints were that the case does not come off with ease and my major complaint was that the entire top edge of the phone was exposed. With my luck, first time it accidentally slides out and hits the ground, it would probably land on the top edge.
Anyways, I took the shell/case combo up the the store on the 29th and I figured while I was there, I'd try out a couple of cases to see if they were compatible with the holster.
Sure enough, both the silicon and gradient cases fit just fine. IMO, the gradient fit the best though (possible even better than the original one).
Now if I could only figure out a way to protect my camera lens . . . .
(Pictures taken with my Moto Droid)




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I wish I had known this sooner. I originally wanted the red/black gradient case because I like it's looks and the fuller protection, but ended up going with the shell/holster combo because I'm a holster guy, not a pocket guy. My phone fell out of the holster Saturday night as I was getting out of my car at the Metro Link station and fell on to the concrete. I was expecting to see a shattered screen when I picked it up, but luckily it didn't even get scratched.


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I picked up the gradient case today after using the shell/holster combo. Used the gradient case for a couple of hours then slapped the shell back on that came with the holster. After using the shell for a week or so the gradient case felt very slippery to me and slid around in my hand a lot compared to the shell.

I agree the ends are exposed a little bit, but I constantly turn the screen on and off after using it and the gradient case kinda recesses power button so it hindered turning the screen on and off. Also, in looking at both, it seems that the shell that came with the holster sticks out a tiny bit further around the camera lens so it might protect it a tad more vs. the gradient case. I like the looks of the gradient, but wish it had more of a silicone feeling, or "grippy" feeling to it.


Another combination that works great is the glossy silicone case with that same holster. A guy at a local Verizon store had that combo and it worked well. Held well.