Root Shifts3ns3 V2.1.1 [Gb/2.11.605.5 Base] (Modified Htc New Kernel)


This rom was created by BuffoGT, he gave me permission to post it elsewhere. BuffoGT has taken over for the development of the Shifts3ns3 series and has done an excellent job!

Here is just a partial list of what I did (the important things anyway)

1. Debloated the whole thing (man Verizon puts a lot of useless stuff in these)
2. Added the latest version of the Market (ICS Version)
3. 4-1 Reboot included
4. Radio Info Settings included
5. Wake on Volume is now the default (patch later in this post to stop it)
6. CRT ANIMATIONS!!!! They are back
7. Weather Database was fixed so that all of your cities should be available now not just your state (maybe it was just me but that was really annoying) (thanks to jbeitel over at BAMF)
8. USB Debugging Icon was removed. I'm pretty sure if you are using a rooted ROM USB Debugging is ALWAYS turned on the icon was annoying I pulled it out
9. The default wallpaper for the ROM is now selectable if you change it you can go back (it's Number 5 under HTC Wallpapers)
10. My Theme's wallpaper is also there now (it's Number 15 under HTC Wallpapers)
11. Right Button on Rosie is mapped to the Rosie Settings Application
12. I implemented the TRUE 6 Signal bar MOD so you should actually get 0-6 now not just 0,2,4,6 (Thanks to jmz over at BAMF)
13. A bunch of other stuff that I just made work

As Always if you appreciate my work as much as I appreciate bringing it to you please consider donating to the I have a new wife who doesn't like my development hobby and I have a New Son coming in three months fund ;-)...and Thanks to the few of you that already have your help is appreciated!!!

Alright everyone...I know you have all been waiting patiently but as this was my first FULL ROM release I needed to make sure I checked it well!!

Some other Developers out there have released ROMs and said they were built on the new 2.11.605.5 Base, but I installed them and all they did pretty much was update the build.prop file to have the new version numbers. Not here folks, this ROM was built from the ground up using the OTA 2.11.605.5 Base with the latest HTC Kernel (modified for speed/fluidity and to work properly ;-) )...

I have put a lot of work into this one and I hope you find it as useful as I do!!! That being said, I HAVE NEVER ON ANY OF DT'S ROMS GOTTEN BATTERY LIFE LIKE SOME OF YOU EXPERIENCE. So if you get awesome battery life I am jealous but there was no way for me to test this ROM against a battery expectation so I would LOVE to hear your feedback on this!

I used to get the Call Answer bug with the Sense 3.0 lock screen ALL the time, I have not gotten it yet on this build, HOWEVER if you are like me and NEED your phone to work at all times and can't risk it I have included a MOD that will swap you back to the Sense 2.1 answer screen.

This ROM does NOT require a full wipe. The ROM will wipe the System Partition only so I would recommend that you manually wipe the Dalvik Cache and the Cache Partition in Clockword Recovery. I have only used the ROM with the latest Radio from the 605.3 Build but I am confident the other Radios will work too.

Here is the download please if you are going to mirror be responsible and ensure that it is updated when I update Thanks!!!
MD5: 26381b4633e15ec51297cf29f0e63313

A List of Modifications that You too may enjoy:

S3NS3 4x5 Workspace Mod (With Widgets) - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
MD5: af5ae496b4ed905fb33763d38a3c9afd

S3NS3 2.1 Call Answer Screen - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

To Return to the S3NS3 3.0 Call Answer Screen - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Disable Wake on Volume Option - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Enable Wake on Volume Option (Back to Default) - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

S3NS3 3.0 Camera (With Panorama Mode) - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

If you find my work usefull please help me convince my new wife that it was worth those hours and donate to me, Thanks in Advance!!!

Donate to BuffoGT

* Remove Bash as default shell
* HTC Sense 3.5 camera is default
* Updated superuser to 3.0.7
* Removed CheckinProvider.apk (Reporting back to HTC/Google) Dumb stuff
* Disabled all HTC and Google Usage Logging (Thanks to TrevE http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1247108)
* Added ICS Transitions (Thanks to capez at XDA)
* Added ICS Emoticons instead of the Gingerbread ones
* Added the Actual ICS Keyboard as an Option (It's Selectable as Android Keyboard)
* Added Dolby Mobile EQ in the HTC Music App
* Hepatic Feedback Off, Allow Install of Non-Market both modified for defaults
* Updated Market to version 3.3.12
* Updated Google Maps to 6.0.1 (Data Partition not System this time)
* Updated GPS Settings for Faster Lock
* Included now a hosts file to block most ads out there :) Finally!!!

* Added S3NS3 3.0 Camera
* 5 Column App Drawer
* Reverted to the 4x4 Workspace with a MOD patch to go 4x5
* Fixed Lockscreen Settings missing issue

*Initial Release
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