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shitty HTC evo v messed up i need help please

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 4, 2013.

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    I have a HTC evo v and my phone has been working perfectly fine until a couple of days ago my phone said one night SD card removed and it has not worked since then it won't read my card at all and when i try to take my 8gb SD card out of it's slot and put it back in i have to restart my phone multiple times because the network connection goes down and i don;t want to format my 8gb SD card because i have music and pictures on here i can't get back at all i have had this 8gb SD card for over a year and it has been working perfectly fine i have had this phone for less than a year though


  2. El Presidente

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    We need to rule out a problem with the card or the phone.

    Do you have a card reader or another phone you can use to check the card? Can you read it in a reader/another phone?

    What happens if you try and boot the phone up without a card in or another card?

    It might be better if you registered an account so we can talk you through some potential fixes! :)

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