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Shopping for my next Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joe71, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Jan 14, 2011

    Jan 14, 2011
    las vegas nevada
    This week Samsung mobile officially announced the release of the new Note 7. The minute that pre orders started being taken my wife was on the computer placing her order. For whatever reason the order wouldn't go through. So yesterday after she got off work we went to a T-Mobile store where she placed her order and we actually got to see and tinker with the note 7.
    As expected there was the typical Samsung bloatware. The phone was easy to use, Samsung apparently took notice of complaints regarding touchwhiz and made some improvements too it. So yesterday as my wife and T-Mobile representative took care of paperwork and my kids checked out tablets. I walked around browsing the various phones. There where alot Samsung devices, probably ten devices for sale. There where several iPhones for sale and rounding out the list with two to four phones each was HTC and LG. I believe I also spotted a Kyocera and ZTE phone in the pre paid section. There were no Nokia, no blackberry, and curiously absent from the line up were Nexus phones. There was none.
    When my Nexus 6 arrived in 2015 I remember taking it too T-Mobile to activate it and in the store seeing not only the Nexus 6 for sale, but the Nexus 4 and five. I believe at that time Samsung was pushing the Samsung Galaxy S4 , beside it where the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3. I made my way back over to where my wife was and the representative ask me if I would be getting the note 7 as well? I said no I will be sticking with my Nexus 6. I then added I see you don't carry any Nexus devices, he then told me that Google stop selling them in the various carrier stores and had gone to strictly online and at Google stores, which as far as he knew didn't actually exist. We spoke
    briefly about it and agreed it was probably a bad idea and no doubt would probably drive some to other phones simply because of being able to walk into a store and being to actually use and check out a device before buying. I figure I have another year or two before I will be phone shopping. I am hoping by then Google will have started to sell their devices in carrier stores once more.



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