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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BrianHart, Apr 7, 2021.

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    Although I have been supporting various Android devices for clients, I just finally made the move from my ancient Blackberry (don't laugh--my mobile device needs are extremely few but very detailed!) to a Galaxy A51.

    Now I am trying to figure out how to make super-accessible shortcuts for a few things. For starters, I need to know how to make a one-tap or two-tap call forward. I do not want my cell phone ringing when I am in my home office; I want all calls to come to my home office so I can keep my home phone headset on and manage one device all day instead of two, with no concern about battery life. So I set up call forwarding that I enable before I head home after every field project. But this requires all of this:

    Wake it up (button on right side)
    Tap the phone
    Tap the menu (three dots)
    Tap Settings
    Tap Supplementary services
    Tap Call Forwarding
    Tap Always Forward
    Tap Turn On (or Turn Off)

    To put this in perspective, to forward on my BB, all I had to do was swipe up, then hold down one pre-assigned shortcut key on the keyboard for three seconds. To unforward, the same, but a different key. It was so simple, I could do it virtually without looking at the BB but perhaps for one second to ensure I had the right key.

    How would I configure a single- or two-tap for forward or un-forward?

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