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Should I be worried about my captivate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Swamp Ape, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Swamp Ape

    Swamp Ape Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Here is my situation. I have a captivate. The first one I had seemed to have alot of issues. This one is much better. I know the whole Iphone/Captivate has been beaten to death, but I have a couple concerns. When I chose this phone it was between this and the Iphone4. I love everything about this Captivate. I love using it as a mass storage device. I like being able to organize music on the go rather than having to be tied to itunes. I like the fact that I can run several things at the same time. There are smaller issues like the GPS inaccuracy and the hit and miss email. My question is this:
    Is Samsung going to stand behind their product in the long run, or are they just going to come out with new phones to fix the issues?
    Also, in the long run if there are issues with the OS, do people think that Samsung will fix/replace phones if there are issues.

    I feel like going to the Iphone 4 would seem restricting after being with the cappy for a couple weeks, but the fact is that they have been in the game longer and from what I have seen from relatives and friends they stand behind their product fairly well.

    So, am I just being jumpy with a new product, or are there reasons to be concerned? I do love this phone, just not so sure about Samsung and the whole "new" phone thing.


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  2. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Android Enthusiast

    I'm in the same boat as you only I didn't pick up a phone yet.

    But I would think as this is a major release by Samsung to all major carriers, if they don't support this phone - they are really hurting themselves in the mobile market.
  3. skinien

    skinien Android Enthusiast

    Personally, this is my first Samsung mobile product so I'm hoping that they fix any issues (the only issue I'm experiencing is the GPS). In other threads, many people have posted that Samsung is flaky with updates and fixes.

    I don't really remember Samsung ever launching a phone with as much advertising and hype as this one. Considering it's an entire line of phones (world wide - for many carriers) AND the fact that they have web site/communication portals dedicated to the supporting the Galaxy S, it seems as though they're taking this phone seriously. I would hope they see the importance of fixing any bugs. If this GPS issue isn't fixed for me, I will never buy another Samsung product again - TV, Blu-Ray player, phone, nothing.

    A final note: Samsung has already stated that Galaxy S phones will be getting Froyo in September. One could argue that this means that they are taking this phone seriously.
  4. King Stampede

    King Stampede Member

    All of the problems you mentioned are supposed to be addressed in a update that Samsung will release and I'm sure Froyo will help with some of the bugs as well but I could be mistaken.

    I have Gmail so I use the Gmail app and I havent had a problem with it. The GPS seems to be hit and miss but only in my neighborhood since my 3G coverage isnt that great here but everywhere else it has been top notch. I haven't dropped a call since. I had the iPhone 4 but was tired of the OS and I was also sick of seeing everyone and their mama's walking around looking like zombies playing with their iPhones. Kind of a dumb reason to get rid of mines but it's true.

    If I were you I'd stick with the Captivate but its totally up to you. If you like the easy yet restrictiveness of the iPhone 4 then exchange your Captivate for it.

    As for me, I'm standing behind the Samsung on this one.
  5. Swamp Ape

    Swamp Ape Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I actually hate the restrictiveness of Iphone, but I will be angry if I have to suffer with some of the issues for the next couple years hearing that an updat is coming "Soon". I am interested to hear what viewpoints others have. I am still in my 30 day period, so I would like to make a decision.
  6. King Stampede

    King Stampede Member

    I get where you are coming from. I hope your situation works out for the better. Good luck!
  7. skinien

    skinien Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I have 1.5 weeks before I have to return the phone. I can't decide what to do. I was an iPhone user and I love this phone compared to my old 3G. I made the switch because I didn't agree with Apple's business practices and mostly because of how well Android devices work with Google's services (email, calendar, voice, etc.).

    If I decide to keep this phone and stick around for the Froyo update only to find out that the GPS fix wasn't rolled into that, I will utilize the Samsung 1 year warranty. I will go to at&t and show them that my device's GPS does not work and ask them to swap me out with a new Captivate (I understand it will probably be refurbished) since I'm still under warranty. One week later, I will come back and show them that my new phone's GPS doesn't work and have them swap me out with a replacement Captivate. I am willing to find out how many times at&t will want me to do this before they allow me to swap my phone out for another model or refund me. I have already confirmed that warranties are handled on the spot rather than having to send for a replacement. BUT, I will definitely double-check that before I decide to do this.

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