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Should i buy from CPW?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gonzaga, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Gonzaga

    Gonzaga Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    New to the forums and new to Android in general. Been waiting for ages to get the DHD and can get a better deal in CPW than anywhere else - 800mins, unlimited texts and 500mb for

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  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Had a couple of phones from them, including the current Desire HD, and no problems from me.

  3. AstralZero

    AstralZero Guest

    I don't like the fact you deal with them instead of the carrier. When I go into the stores they seem more interested in either flirting with each other or hiding behind paper work and pretending they havn't seen me.

    I've been with them before but that was a few years ago now, I can't even remember what they were like. I've avoided them since but I can't remember why I hated them so much.

    Sorry that isn't very helpful is it o_O
  4. SithSurfer

    SithSurfer Well-Known Member

    It's a simple equation:
    a) Buying handset from the Carrier = branded phone + waiting ages for updates + added bloatware;
    b) Buying handset from retailer = unbranded device + dealing with sometimes crappy customer service (which can be dealt with if you're not a puss over the phone).

    I'd go for option 'b' any time. So yes, in my opinion getting the handset from CPW is a good choice. Just make sure that you'll get all the details on the agreement, i.e. Minutes, TXT's and data allowance.
  5. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Android Enthusiast

    the only contact you have with the outlet is signing up with them.

    All customer service billing queries there after are done via the operator.

    Unless your phone is faulty, then you would deal with them, end even then you can deal with HTC directly as you have your warranty.
  6. mystvearn

    mystvearn Android Enthusiast

    When I bought my mobiles from CPW, its always unlocked. That is one thing I like. Does anyone have any experience with T-mobile? They have the stocks online but I am not sure if the phone is loocked to them. I would like to buy a phone which is unlocked. I don't care if its a 2 year contract, as long as its unlocked.
  7. Menddles

    Menddles Guest

    Always bought my contracts from CPW, I've had no problems (kinda) and I've even had it where I deal with the carrier direct instead of CPW Customer Service.
  8. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Oh, and CPW are giving a 2 year warranty with the HD.

  9. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Android Enthusiast

    Well lets put it this way, Three are selling them as PAYG and they are unbranded and unlocked.

    So I'm thinking T-Mobiles will be unlocked too somehow.
  10. kaine

    kaine Member

    Just got the DHD form CPW yesterday. Was up and ready in about 15 minutes, and rather than opening a new contract they just upgraded my current one! Very happy with them.
  11. Diesyl

    Diesyl Newbie

    I thought all HTC phones come with with an 2 year warranty from HTC anyway?

    My local 3 store has some in stock on PAYG,
  12. mystvearn

    mystvearn Android Enthusiast

  13. Gonzaga

    Gonzaga Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Picked one up today :)
  14. mystvearn

    mystvearn Android Enthusiast

    How much did it cost?
  15. Gonzaga

    Gonzaga Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Free on 24 month contract with Orange.
  16. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Android Enthusiast


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