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Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Ace now?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KaiZ, May 16, 2011.

  1. KaiZ

    KaiZ Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm looking to buy an Android phone to replace my Nokia 5800. And from what I've gathered, the Samsung Galaxy Ace seems to best fit my needs.

    But I'm worried about Android updates. As far as I know, the Ace already has 2.3 in the works.
    But what about future updates? I don't want to stay stuck in an old version...

    I've heard something about Google wanting to force manufacturers to do an "18 month after launch obligatory" update rule, but I don't know if that applies to the Galaxy Ace.

    So, can someone enlighten me please?

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  2. Guamguy

    Guamguy Android Expert

    The Galaxy Ace is a sprightly phone with 2.2 and 2.3 will make it better still. Its pretty good for what it got. But if you are truly concerned about long term updates, the Samsung you should get is the Nexus S.

    The potential for long term update support on the low to mid end phones like the Ace is more iffy because of the hardware. Something more powerful like the Nexus S can hold multiple updates all around. Note how the Nexus One managed to keep up all this time.

    The Ace is a nice low to mid end Android, but remember, these phones are well optimized for the OS at the present and the next one after that, but as time goes on, there will be an increasing disparity of between the hardware and the increasing requirements of more advanced OS.

    I got an HTC Magic, or MyTouch 3G, which came with Android 1.5, upgraded to 1.6 and eventually moved to 2.2 Froyo. But with Froyo it turned into a slug. The phone was happiest around the 1.6 level.
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  3. KaiZ

    KaiZ Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for helping me out. :)

    I'll think about it, but I doubt I can buy the Nexus S, it's pretty expensive, and maybe it seems even a little overpriced.

    As for the Ace it seems good enough so far...
  4. meisaia

    meisaia Newbie

    Buy the Ace. I got it a few days ago. The phone is amazing. Though it has some limitations, it's good enough (probably even better) for its price. :)
  5. Steven58


    It seems to me that you'll get more experienced advice in this section. GL! :)
  6. August2011

    August2011 Lurker

  7. JFSG

    JFSG Member

    It's actually a pretty good phone, except that it can be pretty slow.. I sold my Galaxy Ace 29 days after using it for a Desire S and love it. :)
  8. meisaia

    meisaia Newbie

    For a person who has a tight budget *like me. hehe* and who isn't too picky with the geeky stuffs.... a normal user, so to say..... Ace is all worth it. :)
  9. galaxyacex

    galaxyacex Newbie

    you want an unbiased opinion from a previous iphone 4 user?

    800mhz processor on a mid-range phone is what makes this the best out there.

    very very impressed........ if your a heavy user who needs fast games & fast internet from a mid-range phone ...accept no substitute.
  10. rzozaya1969

    rzozaya1969 Member

    I have about two weeks on the Ace, and I really love this phone.

    I got it free with my plan, so I'm a very happy camper!
  11. bosshog

    bosshog Member

    I have had this phone for a couple of month's,and would say yes buy it:)
  12. missgreen

    missgreen Lurker

    Hi i have the samsung galaxy ace, had it about a month its fab, the features are good for my first andriod phone lot to take in and get use to, EXCEPT it switches itself off and have to take the battery out and then switch it back on!! quite annoying!!!
  13. M_Shaaban

    M_Shaaban Newbie

    I have the phone for almost two months and I say definitely get it. Maybe wait a little while the official Gingerbread update is released to get it out of the box. Good luck!
  14. poshkid

    poshkid Newbie

    The only downside of the Ace is

    1. No Adobe Flash Support :(
    2. No front facing camera for video calls :eek:

    Other than that, I love my ace ! :)
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  15. AmitX123

    AmitX123 Newbie

    Are you sure there is no adobe flash support. I got my Ace because the flyer said that supports Flash 10.1. Is there any way to test if flash is supported or not? Any sample websites?
  16. JFSG

    JFSG Member

    Being an ex-Ace user, I can vouch that there is NO Adobe Flash for Samsung Galaxy Ace.
  17. AmitX123

    AmitX123 Newbie

    Is it possible that the newer ones have Flash support?
  18. JFSG

    JFSG Member

    I highly doubt so. The hardware is unable to cope with it.
  19. aktifit

    aktifit Member

    i'm running gingerbread and i didn't get it to run so far but i don't care, biggest problem about the ace imho is the tini tiny little 284(or whatever, just imagine any small number) megs of ram, otherwise the ace is great. oh and battery life seems to be below average.
  20. lespaul

    lespaul Newbie

    if you can save few bucks, i suggest you getting a Galaxy SL or LG Optimus Black. but for $300 android phone, ace is worth to buy :)
  21. aish_varya

    aish_varya Member

    go for motorola defy.... larger ram size(512), larger internal memory which are cons of Ace.
  22. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    but defy isn't going to get updated

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