Help Should I downgrade to 2.1 ?


I still love my Desire. Yet, I see newer phones blowing it away. Alas, I don't have the money for a new phone so will continue loving my Desire.

I've played around with different ROMs and found 'latest' isn't necessarily 'best.' I loaded Android 4.1, but it left so little internal memory that I could only load a couple of applications.

I have since backed down to 2.3.7 where everything works moderately well. But, I still don't have the internal memory I did with 2.1. Thus, I am now thinking of returning to 2.1, the version that came with the phone.

What am I going to miss? That is, what does 2.3.7 have that 2.1 doesn't?

Also, how do I stop Google Play from upgrading. I am constantly removing the upgrade to Google Play. 10MB vs 4MB. Plus, with the newer version of Google Play, there is something called Google Play Services that loads too. All they do is eat up my precious internal memory.

Can the internal memory be extended on an HTC Desire?

Thanks to all.


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Yes, you can improve the internal storage. There is a "root memory faq" linked in the Desire All Things Root Guide sticky post that explains the options.

Most ROMs can use a partition on the sd card to extend app storage. If you use a small ROM (ie not Sense) you can also, if S-Off, repartition your internal storage using a custom hboot, freeing up unused system space so you can use it for apps. Read the guide a couple of times and we'll be happy to help.

Don't go all the way back to 2.1, because I'm not sure that even lets you move apps to sd! ;)


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As for stopping Play Store updates, with the old Android Market you could block this by removing the market updater app from the ROM. I guess they've built that into something else, because the more recent Play Store updates without it.