Help Should I Format My SD Card After Phone Restore?


In order to recover from an issue on my Droid Incredible, I had to erase and reformat my phone and restore it to factory state...

Prior to doing this, I backed up everything that I thought I could back up, and I have come to the realization that I have to pretty much start over...

I have a 16GB SD card that was in the phone and had apps installed on it...but pretty much, those apps are gone now... Not sure if I can recover any apps from the SD card even if I wanted to...

Besides ensuring I have no documents, music, pictures or other files I want, is it recommended that I format this card now that I am starting new?

Thanks for your advise/recommendations!


Android Expert
You don't need to reformat your SD card. Please note whatever is stored on the SD card like pictures and music, etc,. is still there.

Even if the apps are gone, some footprint of theirs is still left and those past data can be used with a new app installation.

Reformat your SD card if you want to do this --- make it faster by removing disk fragmentation. You get less install errors, faster caching etc,.


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if you do decide to reformat it,make sure you format it to FAT32,in case you ever need to run a PB31IMG file.

also,unless you think your sd card is somehow corrupt,or somehow wasnt working,i would not bother to reformat. are you planning to reroot? if so you can still use your titanium backup files,and your nandroid backups.

without knowing more about your situation,you dont really have to start completely over. just sayin :)