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Should I get a Nexus One?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Scylarr, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Scylarr

    Scylarr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I'm on tmobile and I've been waiting for the Galaxy S but honestly when it comes to what I need for daily use, these two phones don't differ much, and the mytouch slide looks and seems nice, but the Nexus One is a much better deal unlocked.

    The major problem holding me back now are the 4 soft touch buttons on the bottom.. That would probably annoy me, how bad is it really?

    Also, are there any noticeable problems with the accuracy of the screen?

    I've been an Android follower for a while, but still haven't owned one, so I'm hoping a Nexus One will fit my requirements :D

  2. ap3604

    ap3604 Android Enthusiast

    Oh C'mon! Your asking questions you already know the answers to just to stall...

    Get the N1 on an Even More Plus $50/mo no contract plan and be happy you have the best smartphone, cost wise, to date :)
  3. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert

    From what I've read.. its a pretty epic device..

    If it preforms as well as another device I got to play with lately.. It will blow me out the water.
  4. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    And what device was that?
  5. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert

    a 4.3" snapdragon
  6. Ryjabo

    Ryjabo Well-Known Member

    HD2 (windows mobile, blah)? EVO?
  7. CirkDroid

    CirkDroid Member

    I love my nexus one.

    You have a lot more options being on Tmobile than I did, being on ATT.

    (keeping 3g speed anyway)

    Personally, I'd steer a t-mobile person away from this phone. It's a great phone, don't get me wrong......but it's an "older" model by todays standards. Still very viable, but there are very enticing options elsewhere.
  8. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Android Expert

    I would still suggest it to a tmo person assuming they don't have an upgrade and they were looking to get a new device anyway..

    Sure the Evo eclipses it in terms of 8 devices and a larger screen..

    But, lets be real here.. it still has a 1 ghz snapdragon and it is THE google phone meaning you get the updates first and never have to stress out over "when" it is getting updates.. There are a LARGE amount of people dying for the next update.. and they are on 1.5.....

    I am personally going to hop on the n1 train as soon as I get 200$ more.. (already have 350$ and I'm an at&t customer.)

    Sure the cliq isn't bad and the other options seem nice.. But, its the n1!!!

    I have yet to read someone seriously regretting what they were buying that wasn't an early adopter changing their mind or someone who just really wasn't that into it to begin with seeing if they may prefer it to some other device.. (iphone or whatever else).

    So.. if you don't have an upgrade and you have the money to spend.. go ahead :D

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