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Should I get an HTC EVO 3D?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by amblue, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    If you're still in your 30-day window, get it exchanged.

    If not, try getting it exchanged anyways.

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  2. DroidBabe

    DroidBabe Well-Known Member

    Or should I stick to the Nexus S 4G? I found this phone for cheap $134. Tempting. The Nexus S 4G I got for free.
  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    Depends on what you want out of your phone. The Nexus isn't a dual core, 3D display beast of a phone. But it's a pretty good phone for just talking, facebook, texting, etc. If the Nexus suits your needs, then I'd say stick with the Nexus. If you think you'll use all of the 3vo's extra features, then it may be a good idea to upgrade.
  4. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Android Enthusiast

    The EVO3D also reboots ramdonly, and I hate that, other than that, I like it!
  5. androidpirate

    androidpirate Newbie

    watching 3D movies was pretty awesome though.

    movies such as avatar and not green hornet.
  6. tygger

    tygger Newbie

    How much are they giving for the 4g now? You'd prob be better off selling on CL.
  7. pgus13

    pgus13 Well-Known Member

    The buyback is actually $125! I just did it last week!
  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Well - it used to be $150.

    Nothing lasts forever. ;) :)
  9. Bertelsen

    Bertelsen Newbie

    So, i'm considering buying this phone, but I really dont know if i should do it.
    Right now i'm using an iPhone 4, but i'm ready for something new!

    do the Evo 3D meet theese criterias?
    -crisp screen, better than iPhone 4?
    -fast internetbrowser? Snappy and with multitouch?

  10. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    You really ought to go to a Sprint store and try it out for yourself.

    Sprint Store Locator

    Don't go to stores called "Sprint by So-and-so", because they won't have working demo units. The ones labeled "Sprint Store" will.
  11. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    All I can say is that I love this phone. However, the above poster is correct. The best thing to do is to check it out for yourself. Also, ask people you know how happy they are with Sprint, since Sprint does not have the iPhone I presume you are coming from a different carrier. Good luck! :)
  12. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Personally, I would recommend it, but I agree with what was said above. Don't make a rash decision.
  13. Wiley_11

    Wiley_11 Android Enthusiast

  14. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Android Enthusiast

    For those that think it's imposible to upgrade before your contract is up, you're wrong. I'm a prime example of that. I really wanted the 3DVO badly, but unfortunately my contract wasn't up for another 5 months. Had I gone to Best Buy like I originally planned, I would have ended up coming out of the pocket in a major way. I even pre-ordered it through Best Buy a month before it's release (I was the fifth person to pre-order it at that store). Instead, I decided to go to the Sprint store at the last minute shortly after receiving the appointment call from Best Buy. So after talking to the consultants for a while at Sprint, they overrode my contract limitations and gave me the full upgrade allowance, allowing me to walk out of the store with a new 3DVO and new Body Glove kickstand case, all for under $300 bucks.

    And since then, my device and I have been inseperable.
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  15. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    Sprint has treated me well too. I had to call telesales to do the Premier preorder because I was unable to do it on the website. I was going to use an upgrade I'd been holding onto for a while but she offered to give me an upgrade on a line that has been upgraded just the year before. I took her up on her offer so I still have the old upgrade and got to get my EVO 3D. Then, when I was trying to find the mhl adapter, I went by my local Sprint store. The sales person was very helpful. While they didn't have any in stock, she gave me a 25% discount and had it shipped to me free of charge. I have been with Sprint for 9 years.
  16. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert

    Hi guys and girls of the EVO 3D corner of AF.com

    I'm currently rolling with my Desire HD but have seriously been considering the EVO 3D. Some reason the EVO name has always been attractive to me and with the addition of 3D and it being released in Great Britain now I'm really chomping at the bit for it.

    However with all things involving so much moolah I wanna be sure I'm not just falling for a marketing gimmick. I'm not wanting to be told how its better than my Desire HD I know the specs.

    Just sell it to me...
  17. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Android Expert

    "The biggest gripe people have is you paid too much for a gimmick. Ask what they paid for theirs, and when they say more, ask why they got less." ~ EarlyMon

    Why buy the phone without 3D vs the phone with 3D if they are the same price and have the same specifications?

    I said this in another post and I'm going to paste it here too; The Evo3D is my first Android phone. I bought the phone because it has a blazing 1.2ghz dual-core processor, a beautiful 4.3" rgb-stripe qHD Super LCD, a large amount of RAM (1gb), and with the full intention of never, EVER, using the 3D features. With the full assumption that it was just a side-feature I'd have to "deal with" as an owner of this device. An annoyance.

    Want to know something? I use my 3D camera or watch 3D videos on YouTube EVERY single day I've owned the phone. I totally underestimated the usefullness and coolness of the 3D in a phone. With the 4.3" qHD resolution rgb-stripe Super LCD; Wow... it's just shockingly cool and beautiful. (Even with the 3D off it's beautiful. Great job on the Display HTC)

    Every person I have shown my phone; Their mouth has, literally, dropped open in amazement. I really do think 3D is the next natural progression of Display technology. But preference is power. If you don't like it? Don't buy it. However I'm certainly glad I fell into this awesome feature.

    Buy this phone for it's performance & because it's HTC.
    Enjoy it because it's super-fast, beautiful, & really well made.
    Keep it because it's one amazing device & the 3D is a cool bonus feature at no additional cost to you.
  18. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    If you are thrilled at the prospect of 3D stuff on your phone, your choice is obvious. Your post suggests that might be the case. I can't evaluate the 3D, as I don't see in 3D! :)

    If 3D doesn't sell you all by itself, the phone's advantages are less obvious. It is a capable and powerful phone, but there are a number of those out there. HTC Sense is nice (in my opinion), though not everyone agrees. The phone will be heavily supported by the developer community, which again is an advantage that won't necessarily appeal to everyone.

    If you can get the Galaxy S II, you may want to give it a serious consideration. Different advantages and disadvantages vs. the EVO 3D. I must admit that if an elephant stepped on my EVO 3D, I'd seriously consider shelling out for a Galaxy S II to replace it instead of buying another EVO.

    Finally, there is the old rule of thumb about buying new technology--Since whatever you buy, is going to be behind the power curve in six months anyway, keep using anything that you're satisfied with, and don't buy anything that you don't absolutely, positively, feel you must have right now! Even if you follow that rule faithfully, you'll be wrong quite often, and still buy more new "stuff" than you need. But it may be a good reason to hold fast, since you seem content with your current phone. If half the rumors about the Nexus Prime are true, it should be an amazing phone in a few months (I'm assuming it will be available to you).
  19. Androidalltheway

    Androidalltheway Android Enthusiast

    Let me just say this, it is a great phone, and I recently got suped by a sprint employee, was on my 30th day, was evaluating my options, looked again at the E3d, and he says to me the photon is faster, no way! Let me say this, on my photon for whatever reason, whenever I go to gmail, clicking on emails, it lags sometimes for 2-3 seconds, where my evo 3d was instant, no lag, and this sprint ahole had the nerve to tell me the photon was better for gaming and that the evo 3d had framerate issues, what an idiot, he caught me off guard, I should know sprint employees know nothing about the phones they sell, at least support your phones, not even a screen protector for the photon in the sprint store, rant over...
  20. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    I am not, as people who frequent this forum know, a mean-spirited person. I debated on responding to this post and decided to based on the misrepresentation of your story and how you are unjustly bashing the Sprint employee.

    Anyone looking at your posting history will see that you complained incessantly about the EVO 3D and changed to the Photon. Then, you posted about a week ago asking if one's 30 days start over if you returned the Photon for another EVO 3D until you could get the SGS2. EDIT: Epic Touch.

    You made your decision yourself, no need to blame the Sprint employee who only recommended the Photon because you were not happy with the EVO 3D.

    Here is the thread in the Sprint section of this forum.

  21. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    I agree...
    Dude get the EVO wait 6 months (When you get it thru Sprint...)...Then get the Blast...hopefully thru Sprint ...Bigger Battery...1.5 processor...4.7 Screen...Now we're talkin...Oh Yeah...
  22. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    Lol... Are you OK?! ;)

    Does sound like it would be a beast. I have an extra upgrade laying around so who knows? I may end up with a new toy. Still lovin' my EVO 3D though!
  23. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah...Still likin my phone but I'm always ready for an upgrade...Of course after the Blast they'll be another one...
  24. Mechachu

    Mechachu Lurker

    Hello! I'm trying to decide if I should get this. I have an Epic right now and it is... dying <.< So...

    I found it on Craigslist for $280. Comes with phone, 8gb sd, charger, and box. The person said they are selling it because they jumped to T-Mobile and cancelled a family plan from Sprint (They are selling a few other Sprint phones). The deal will take place at a Sprint store to ensure it's a clean ESN.

    So with that in mind, is there anything I should ask or check for? They say it works fine. Am I going to get scammed? What do I look for?

    Also, can anyone tell me if it is going to pan out better than my Epic is now? I take it off the charger in the morning, and in 2 hours of NO USE AT ALL, it drains anywhere from 15-30%, everyday. Running off of 3g, I can browse the web for anywhere from 2-4 hours and then the battery is done. Also, just minor web browsing, like... opening the browsing and loading up say... Kotaku, it heats up, and if I use it for maybe 10 minutes, the temps hit 105+.

    All help appreciated ^^
  25. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    I haven't done any price comparisons so I don't know if it is a good deal in that regard or not. $280 sound pretty good to me though. Only $80 more than what I paid with a full upgrade. If you do decide to buy it, since the transaction would take place in the Sprint store I would go ahead and ask for a tech to check it out and run diagnostics just to make sure you aren't getting someone's lemon.

    I do believe you will be very happy with it if you do end up buying it. I am very happy with mine and have not even considered changing to a different device.
    Good luck :)

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