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Should I get this?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ethood1999, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. ethood1999

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    I'm on Verizon Wireless, and I'm not looking for a high-end 4G smartphone.. I was looking at both this and the Continuum, but I gave up on the Continuum because Verizon and Samsung forgot about it and I don't feel like having to root it to get 2.2.

    I see many of you have problems with the phone, are they easy to fix? Would you recommend me to buy it or should I wait for more of the cheap phones to come out?

    I use lots of apps, I text a lot, I use the internet, Facebook and Twitter a bunch, and in general, my phone will be used a lot. I currently have the Motorola Rival and I don't want the Rival 2.0 (a phone that looks cool at first, but 1 year later, I'm ripping my hair out over it). Should I get it?

  2. T.M.M.L

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  3. ethood1999

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    The Motorola Rival was a very frustrating phone for me, after over 2 years of having it, I'm completely fed up. Mostly what I want to know is, is the issues that people see minor? Because for an example, with the Rival, despite having Auto-Delete on, it would start to turn off if I had over 500 messages. Also, whenever I exit out of a message, it turns off. It got to the point where it's even turning off in the middle of my calls. Finally, it just stopped turning on and I'm probably going to get a phone in the next week, but those 4G phones are too expensive. Would this be a good choice? Will I regret it one year from now? Keeping in mind this is my first Android and ANYTHING is better than my previous phone. I don't use GPS at all, and the many choices for custom ROMs and kernels is mostly what pulls me in to this phone. I know I shouldn't just jump into rooting my phone and everything, but I'll play around with it extensively to see if I hate TouchWiz or whatever it's running as much as I see people complain about.

    Mainly, as long as those main issues - phone turning off for no reason, interrupting calls by turning off, alerts not showing up, things not working in general, etc. - are not present and they aren't any other gamebreakers like that, I think I've read up enough about this phone to be able to go into the Verizon Store and buy it, as long as someone here gives me the green light and tells me the chances of me running into similar problems or groundbreaking problems is highly unlikely, unlike my Rival, which there's no debate needed - it sucks.

    Sorry for rambling and run-on sentences. I'm kinda just throwing my thoughts out there right now.

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