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Should I return my Droid? in 30 day range..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Artis, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Artis

    Artis Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey Guys:
    I got a Droid w/ Verizon December 28th 2009, and have 30 days to take it back.

    Should I take it back and wait for Verizon to come out with the Nexus One?

    I know for sure I want to use Verizon: We are in a semi-rural area, and Verizon is the only carrier that has 3g.
    I guess Verizon will be offering the phone SOMETIME in the spring. If I took it back, I'd have to go back to my old att phone and wait til then.

    One of the most important features of a phone for me is having a REALLY GOOD CAMERA built in, so I can take decent photos at any time without having to wag another box around.

    I've read that the Droid will eventually (Jan 22?) be getting Android 2.1. DOES ANYONE KNOW if Android 2.1 Will fix the problems with the Droid's camera being a P.O.S?

    If Verizon would do some kind of a deal where I could keep the droid til the Nexus 1 is available with them I would, or even return the phone and use my current old unlocked phone on their network, and wait if they would give me an approx date.

    I'm on the fence, and not sure what to do.

    I bet there are several others in this same sitch.

    Thanks in advance to any of You Android/(&Verizon) veterans.
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  2. JimmyHat

    JimmyHat Well-Known Member

    I would take it back and wait. It's good to have options.
  3. qsoundrich

    qsoundrich Newbie

    HTC has pretty good cameras. Not dedicated camera quality, but really good for a mobile phone.
  4. thegreen

    thegreen Android Enthusiast

    The best I can suggest is to look at the specs and decide what's best for you.
    Phones always become quickly outdated as new hardware comes out, so it's easy to have some remorse after getting a new one. I knew this was a possibility when I got my Droid, but I can accept that.
    Personally, I have no regrets regarding the Droid vs N1. The Droid will get 2.1 eventually, so the only real differences are hardware- mostly a tradeoff between a keyboard or a faster processor. There are other differences, but I consider them to be minor. I like having the choice between hard/virtual keyboards, and my Droid is plenty fast, so I'm staying with it.
    As far as camera quality, be sure to check reviews and try to get some firsthand access to see if it's better than the Droid.
  5. meandmydroid

    meandmydroid Well-Known Member

  6. splenditello

    splenditello Newbie

    wait it out if you can, spring isn't that far away!
  7. Yankeexpress

    Yankeexpress Newbie

    Take it back and get a Verizon MiFi and then connect up an iPod Touch to it.

    Later you get the Verizon N1.
  8. Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale Newbie

    It sounds to me like in your gut you want the N1. So give the Droid back get yourself set up for a few months and imagine how excited you'll be as you walk out with what you really wanted. If you think your camera is a POS, then give it up and don't look back - - don't count on the Droid camera improving.
  9. eipee73

    eipee73 Android Enthusiast

    I agree with an earlier post stating that you really have to look at the differences between the phones and figure out what best suits you. I personally am waiting for the N1 and will be getting it as soon as it comes out.

    Androidguys.com put out an article today stating that the N1 is only a few weeks away for Vodaphone so I would expect the same to be true for VZW...that is just a guess though. If you're interested in the article it can be found here:

    Vodafone: Nexus One Due in”A Few Short Weeks” | AndroidGuys

    Best of luck!
  10. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    looking for the latest and greatest isn't going to be easy, as soon as the n1 has come, it will be replaced by even more advanced hardware and things u'll want. then it'll be best to wait another couple months. then another. u will always be envious of the next and heard of some huge leaps in terms of android and hardware this whole year. if u want the best, wait till next year, or the next, or the next... if u want whats NOW, go with the droid :)

    point being by the time the the n1 comes to verizon, and they always suck in terms of release dates, u might be waiting longer? shorter? who knows. but when it does come out, there'll be something else right around the corner, bigger/better/more powerful.

    going w/ the droid is a safe bet as long as u like the phone because of the incoming updates - if your really nervous about getting phones, opt for a 1-year contract as i do. its not that much more (maybe 6 bucks a month more) and u won't have to wait 2 years! 2 years for a device w/ android right now because of the releases coming out is a long time and what might be hot in a few months will look like a dinosaur in 2 years.


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