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Should I switch from S60 - help in understanding a bit more about android...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by redshark313, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. redshark313

    redshark313 Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 8, 2010
    Hi all,

    I currently use a Nokia E71 and quite like a lot of the features I have setup on it, although in the next few months my contract is up and am interested in replacing this device with a htc desire or similar, since I think Nokia haven't delivered enough with the E72. Although, before I do I'd like to understand a bit more about what the Android platform (2.1) can offer me and I think you guys will be best to inform me.

    1. I understand I would require to purchase sw to sync the device with Outlook 2010, is this correct and which one is best?
    2. I currently use Nokia's PC Suite with my E71 and when sync'ing it will update:
    a) Outlook calendar appointments
    b) Outlook Notes
    c) Outlook Tasks
    d) Internet browser bookmarks
    e) Pictures on the phone
    f) Videos on the phone
    Are there apps currently out there that are capable of the sync'ing some or all of the above? Again, if so, which apps are they?
    3. I have installed a Profile Switcher app, which allows the user to set times for switching the profiles (general, meeting, etc.), is there something similar for Android?
    4. I also have installed an app called smart connect, which lets the user prioritise connections for apps to use. For instance, My email is set to check my account every 30 mins and it will check for my wifi connection at home first, then look for work wifi and then use 3G. I can setup the same use for web browsing, or any apps that requires a data connection. I think this is great since I don't need to manually turn on and off the wifi nor does the device leave wifi on all the time, of which I believe that's how the iphone's operate. Anything similar for droid?
    5. How does the device notify the user of new emails of txt's, oblivously a tone but flashing light? I have my E71 set to sound a tone and flash the breathing light (for one hour) for a txt and only breathing light for new emails. Can this be done on droid?
    6. Can I set email retreival for just between certain times of the day?
    7. What is displayed on the stand-by screen? My E71 displays faintly the time.
    8. What's the best weather app?
    9. What's the best web browser?
    10. What's the best convertor app? (currency, distance, mass, etc.)
    11. Can PDF's be opened from within a received email, what's the best app?
    12. I currently use Nokia's Ovi Maps for Nat-Sav, Google Maps turn-by-turn is as good, right?
    13. Any other apps or features you feel makes the platform above the rest (maybe the speach to text feature).
    14. Any current issues you feel is a downside to this platform - may be amount of available apps compared with iphone? - don't worry I don't want an iphone :)

    Wow, I didn't realise I had quite as long a list. I don't expect someone to answer all of these queries, but if people could pick out what they know and inform me, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. i don't know answers to some of your questions since i've never needed certain functionalities and hence haven't looked around for them, but i'll answer what i can

    2) (a-d) i don't know about outlook integration, but android's philosophy is living with the cloud, so there's no extra syncing software required to sync your google calendar etc., it's all done automagically via whatever internet connection your phone happens to have
    as for e-f, there are sure to be a handful of sync apps, but i've never used any - i rather copy-paste that stuff manually via usb, wifi or 3g
    3) yes, i know at least one (can't remember name now) and am pretty sure there are alternate apps
    5) the screen turns on for a moment (i guess this might be phone specific), but i don't know if there's anything to leave it on/flashing
    7) when in stand by, the screen is black; when you tap the unlock button the "lockscreen" appears, which you can unlock in a few different ways (holding the lock button, swiping something on the screen) depending on the phone/customization
    the lockscreen can be customized with themes, plus some manufacturers have customized it by default, so there's a lot of answers to your question - here's the easiest way to get an idea -> android lock screen - Google Search
    8) subjective, plus depends on where you live - i use weather widgets (the app's name)
    again, google is your best bet -> android "weather widgets" - Google Search
    9) subjective - i mostly use opera mini; dolphin is another popular one
    13) the notification system is very good; widgets in general are handy
    14) most of my gripes about my phone are with the aging inferior hardware and samsung's poor customer support, tho' there are a couple of things about android as well:
    the lack of filtering etc. can make the market irritating to browse because of all the gunk in there - finding a good app usually happens via a forum like this or a different app searching front-end, such as androidapplications.com
    i haven't been able to get any music player to read special characters in id3 tags correctly
  3. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2009
    Yup. Search around. There are plenty of discussions on Outlook sync solutions on various Android forum sites. Best is always subjective. You'd need to read up and decide for yourself which sounds best to you. I can't say that in my casual browsing that any of them seem to really stand out and shine above all the rest.

    There are many "something"s. Go to appbrain.com or androlib.com and see for yourself. Also, browse the Applications subforums for suggestions.

    Depends on the email app. There's way more than just one on Android. I sense this answer is going to be a recurring theme for you as your answers seem to assume that there's one solution/answer.

    Again, best is always subjective -- apparently another recurring theme for your answers. It's impossible to give you meaningful answers unless you qualify what you specifically mean by "best". Get out there and read the Applications reviews in the subforum. Check out appbrain and androlib and try some apps first hand to see what you prefer.

    Again, highly subjective. See for yourself. I really like Google Maps Navigation. That doesn't mean that it meets everyone's needs/wants. Google Maps Nav isn't the only GPS nav app for Android.

    You really just need to take some initiative, spend some time reading, and spend some time playing around once you have a device. It's a bit much to expect us to spoon-feed you all this. Discussion forum sites are very useful resources but only if you bother to read/search.
  4. redshark313

    redshark313 Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 8, 2010
    mrqs - thank you for your input. Some interesting feedback there which I will follow up.
  5. I actually upgraded from a Nokia E71 to the Nexus One but I don't use Outlook so I can't comment on that. Apart from that I must say the E71 does not compare at all to Android on the Nexus One. The Nexus One is totally in another league in overall usability, speed and apps.

    I also noticed that GPS on the Nexus One to be much more responsive than the E71 as well. Much quicker to get a position fix.

    The only thing I miss from the E71 would be the keyboard but I know I can't have it all.

    I'm very certain that if you make the switch you won't be disappointed.

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