Should i trade in my bold 9700 for a slide?


Ok so i have an offer to trade my 9700 bold for a mytouch slide. Has anyone made that transition? I have not played around with a slide yet. I came from a Nexus One to the 9700 (needed cash to pick up a lens for my photography business, so i sold the nexus to fund the purchase) Picked up a 9700 as a get me by phone.

Would it be a smart choice to trade straight out for a slide? Is the slide a better phone than the 9700?

Will i be underwhelmed using a slide after having a Nexus One in the past?

Thanks for any help!


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The Slide is a good phone that offers good call quality. A 3.4 diagnol capacitive touch screen, and the ability to use a full desktop type broswer. The screen is clear yet one can have problems viewing it under the sun. The speakerphone is loud, and HTC sense UI is fluid, yet has some minor bugs.

The processor runs at 600 mhz, great phone for everday use, and not the least bit slow, unless you want to play games on your phone, are viewing large documents such as PDF, or swiping through many pics...then the phone takes a few seconds to process each page or each photo. The phone comes with 5 home screens, with the ability to set it 7.
There is a flash on the cam, takes good photos and nice videos. Also a slide out keyboard is included of course. I find the keyboard sometimes nessesary with this phone as the screen can be sometimes too small to type on if your fingers are big. Yet I also find the actual keyboard to be troublesome to use at times. Although the layout is nice, I've yet been able to type quickly on it.
HTC Sense on this phone has minor bugs, battery life is acceptable, but probably not comparable to the Bold 9700.

Would I tell a crackberry addict to switch to slide? Never! Then again I wouldn't reccomend any Android phone to a professional who needs the quality of Blackberry in the corporate world. The refinement, and email abilities of bold are classic. However, if you don't care about your emails not always pushing instantly, and you are tired of Bolds less than capable web browser, then yes you would like the slide. I myself would never reccomend a real professional purchasing an Android device. Here comes the backlash from everyone, I'm ready.
For a professional, that works for a corporation, and requires security and the most prestine email, stick with bold.

However, you stated you previously owned an Android device. Thus, I'm 90 percent certain you will find the slide to be capable, yet somewhat toy like compared to your Nexus One.

If you just want a phone that makes clear calls, able to surf using a full browser, and is quick on its feet, then the slide is a good purchase and will fulfill your everday needs, however might be a tad overpriced especially with Vibrant at a similar price point.


I'd say it really depends on your needs. I rather enjoy the slide over the blackberries i've had in the past.

I'm pretty much extact agreement with what HtcEvoLemon has said. If your into using your phone for business, I'd stick with it over the slide. The battery life is a little less, if not the same from what i've had with blackberries.
I'm a long-time Blackberry user who just switched from a 9700 to the Slide. Huge learning curve for me, that you would not have. That said, I'm not sure I agree with the arguments about professionals. Corporate guys, maybe, but I'm a professional and made the change primarily because of the need for a more capable calendar than my 9700 offers. I'm using Touchdown as an exchange client, which has a way better calendar than anything I've found for the Blackberry. Time will tell whether what my verdict will be, but so far, the trade-off is acceptable.