Should I upgrade my nexus 7 to the latest one?


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How good is the nexus 7 (2013)?
I have the 2012 one
Can you tell me what I would gain buying the newer one please?


I have both. The Nexus 2013 processor is definitely faster, the screen resolution is better and the device is lighter. I would say though that the touch screen is not as responsive as for my 2012 model.


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I upgraded when my 2012 broke. It does seem faster, and the camera is nice to have, although I don't use it much. It also has Qi charging. Be aware that 2012 cases won't fit, though. If my other hadn't broken, I doubt if I would have upgraded, mainly because I was very happy with the 2012. Love these tablets.


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If you are happy with 2012 just keep it for now. Yes 2013 is faster, but there are better tablets on the way, if you can hold up for another half a year you can get something even better. Tablet industry is expending exponentially, its expected to have at least half of portable computers to ship this year are tablets. Either wait out for a crazy deal that you can not pass on or just wait for something even better (like with micro sd port, that would be a huge plus).


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Mainly the 2013 model just does things faster than the 2012 model, so if you're not finding the speed a problem there's no compelling reason to upgrade.

There are a few things that the 2012 model can't do e.g. the 2013 model can be connected to your TV with a Slimport adapter, which can be useful for entertaining the children. Also if you want the model with a SIM card then the 2013 model can use LTE. The 2013 has a higher resolution screen, but I didn't find the improvement a startling one as the 2012 screen is already very good.


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Thanks all May wait awhile then
Use my nexus 7 a lot but no need for a new one for me yet then.
Unless there is a mega January sale lol
Would have to be another Nexus though


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Just discovered something amazing. At least for me
When I open es explorer on my nexus 7 and tick a file a send menu comes up
I clicked send thinking it was my email to send to my nexus 4.
But then a menu came up and it auto sent the file to my nexus 4
Very impressed
Think there must be lots more I can do with my original nexus 7 I don't know about

Is it because I just installed es explorer?