should the voicemail icon have a # on it like the text icon?


Like I stated,should the voice mail icon have a number on it like the email or text icons if you get a new voicemail? If I get a notification, it only shows up on the task bar.

I was also experiencing not recieving texts. I have since done a reset which fixed the text issue (and sleep-for now), but not the voicemail.

Should I take the phone back? I fear its anotjer software bug, not hardware. I love this phone, but I'm getting very annoyed that it can't even do what its suppose to.

T Mac

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I don't get many voice mails, but I don't remember ever seeing it display a number like the text icon does.


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Mine shows a #...It shows me how many unheard msgs I have...and when I go into the voicemail thing, it shows who left the voicemail msg.