Jul 30, 2010
Hi everyone! My mom and i are thinking about getting a Droid X (mine) and an Incredible (hers). But were looking for the cheapest alternative to Verizon, with Wirefly we get $30 per phone off our next bill and cheaper prices. We have upgrades available and she plans on adding another line for her work. If something happens to the phone how do we get a replacement? Through Wirefly i imagine right? So is it worth to do it through them because i heard some bad things happening where people couldn't get it activated, although that was a completely new plan on Verizon. Ok thanks in advanced!
The replacement in the first 30 days goes thru wirefly after that Verizon. You have to be careful with third party carriers READ THEIR CONTRACT they have rules that apply to you for the first 6 months other wise you should be fine. For example you can't upgrade on one line than move it to another line that constitutes breech of contract and they will charge you a early termination fee.
Wait so if something happens after 30 days we can take it to a verizon store? And i will make sure to read the rules. Thanks for response