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Show Our Support & Thank Our Developers & Contributors

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jaymzway, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Let's show our Respect's to our hard working community

    A message to site owners and or mods
    I really want this thread to be the best that it can be for everyone and resourceful and beneficial to everyone not just one category.

    Over my years I felt 1 thing was missing and I haven't come across it was a spot to show our respects back to you guys :) that got us here in the first place

    By providing your rememberable experiences with who had helped you out.
    Make sure you always Hit the Thank Button in their thread and hit like for everything they do.
    Now as for coming here will help further their recognition of hard work they deserve.

    Just coming here only and saying thanks don't count if you don't thank them on their page.

    Always remember these hard working people don't have to do this for us they do this for hobby, helping others, on hopes of a donation that you would pay them. They are spending countless hours on designs.
    So making our expierence more pleasureable over our store bought boring devices without them what would your phone be? Most importantly never demand anything from them as if the owe u anything. If you brick ur phone that is your actions not theirs they done their part making sure the warnings are everywhere and proper. :0)

    Rules let's keep it clean and most of all this is not a BASHING people thread
    At no means and are not invited-> are you to post harsh language as for their are young viewers that view this site including this thread as well..

    You are not here to bash anyone for your dislikes.
    Only words of encouragement are welcome only! Remember this is to show RESPECT to Your developer that has helped you that has brought you great level of respect and kindness that has left you with a great deal of help... not the other way around..

    Everyone is entitled to your opinions but this is not the place for it if you disagree on one's likes about a developer 0'zero Tolerance and you will be reported for removal if you fail to obey the rules of the thread. If u can't take just a split second to hit thanks how much longer do you think another write up on your favorite rom is going to come out and or one will be made for that matter...unlike others I care about these people cause I know what it takes to make these roms to know how to respect them for there hard work.

    Thank you for your time and now lets give thanks to our hard working devs, mods, guides, other members as well.

    :)You are welcome hatredgod , wetbiker, mydian, iowabowtech
    Thank you guys for all of your hard work.

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  2. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    With everyone I have mentioned here I can nearly only wish I could be good as you guys are and I really thank you guys for showing me what I know it brings allot to me to be proud of... I can only wish others will see this as well..

    With all of this said I would now like to start my thread by adding my personal favorites that I have came across over my times of needing help from day one and this will show an example of just the way I would like to keep this thread going.

    "For everyone that is here or has not made it here onto my list of fav's
    you made it here for a good reason and that is because you never let me down and that means the most to me out of any compliment that I could ever give anyone!!!! to know me is to understand my reasons over why I have chosen you guys as my favorites and I know I have chosen well!!!!"

    I would like to start with my favorite


    You have been totally awesome of at what you do bro.
    First off your everywhere lmao.. Very helpful with everyone everything always posting new material that has came out, I always see you helping everyone
    including myself . You never make excuse's of why you can't help someone
    I know everyone will agree with this as well I see it everywhere I look your there helping. I could never have wanted more when talking with you bro you never leave me feeling empty as for you nail every question spot on and your never ashamed of admitting mistakes which easily happen but I know you research everything to the tee before posting of your findings, Lmao!!! I bet your like :bath:hey wait gal S3 just came out couldn't wait to tell yea!!! I have just got to admit your like :call2:411 Mapquest of Phandroid. With out you bro I would hate to imagine it. How about that most awesome write up on the Gal S3 all the roms and mods you can ever ask for My god :adore:it was like a whole new world Geesh!!! :congrats:very professional KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BRO CAUSE IT IS WORTH IT!!!

    "Moderator Iowabowtech, Mikestony, EarlyMon"."Premium funkylogik"/ Cnexus [SPH-L710][CWM ADV.] OFFICIAL PhilZ-Touch Recovery 6.0 [11.24.13] Blooddawn, Tigatron, JimSmith, Mydian, Team Wicked Sensations Rom™, M.O.A.R.-->The Mother Of All ROMs, Hyperdrive, MopedRyder, Carbon KitKat Nightlies, Slim Bean (d2spr) by nicklovell23
    "Member's" & "Guides""MadBat", "Lordvincent 90","Skinnyjeans", , "jaid40",

    I can never forget Cnexus [SPH-L710][CWM ADV.] OFFICIAL PhilZ-Touch Recovery 6.0 [11.24.13] Blooddawn, Tigatron, JimSmith Just WOW!
    Amazing work Cuzz!
    They are my #1 Developer's in my opinion for the facts If it would never have been for them I would have never Knew about Phandroid and I would have never been into the phone mods they also provided me with a great level of support through their thread as well when providing a great write up on their Rom's very professional. I was impressed over not only the work they supplied to the media but also the help that came with it. I never seen a bad word come from these people. You guy's are like the Rom Gods!!! nice clean stable work...
    Turned my boring samsung galaxy prevail 1 and my LG marquee Warp ZTE into a working GEM!!!! And now my GAL S3 L710

    Next Favorite goes out to Mod's "Moderator's Iowabowtech & Mikestony & EarlyMon"
    Thank you for your kind support you guys has bailed me out of quiet obit here lately by steering me in the rite directions through Strong Professional Leadership skills.
    When talking with you or along beside you from within topics you take great care and never lack in respect with anyone I have ever witnessed. And as well never is ashame to admit of unsureties of any topics discussed. I also find that you are full of great knowledge and have provided me a great deal of resourceful information and has more than guided me in the most professional and positive approach.. I never found you to be misleading or a let down to anyone that you have helped in anyway shape or form.. over all you have been totally awesome bro.. I strongly suggest you and everyone I have mentioned to only keep doing what you guys do best!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next Favorite goes out to "Premium funkylogik"
    though I don't know much about you other than I have seen you be very resourceful in your post that your in but most of all I always enjoy a good laugh as for the laughter you bring to the table is great using your below post as an example I really meant well in regards to your reply....
    over all you have been a very cool bro to me and have never shamed me in any way...
    for that I thank you too good sir...
    I will add more names later as for I have loads of work to catch up on!!!!!

    Next Favorite goes out to "Guides Madbat"
    You have been a great service to me and I totally respect you from within these forum's working with you good sir has always been a great pleasure you are always providing the best of you at no cost the answers you have are truly remarkable and I find them to be precise and accurate and on the spot I could never be as good as you Good sir... When working with you on a topic you never project yourself above others not even me and you have been on here allot longer than me and you have always have taken my thoughts in to account and showing where I'am wrong with out ever hurting my feelings..
    So for that good sir I really appreciate you and what you do...
    Thank you for all you do good sir your truly a cool guy I see that you never allow other's get in the way of what you do best man keep doing what you do brutha cause it means allot to me..............

    I never would forget the "Members Section" of course not lmao.. but your name is at the top of the list so :p

    Next Favorite's goes to Member's "Hatredg0d" has bailed me out of quiet obit here lately and so there for if it would not have been for him I would have been here lmao... So thank you my friend for that it's always great when Im sitting there beating my head in the wall trying to come up with great answers and wam there hatredg0d is already answered for me awesome bro.... I really like to see your name up for the nice bright yellow label you deserve bro... more so than I...

    Next Favorite's goes to Members to "Jaid40" "kittykat867" Awesome Team Players! strong minded when it comes to their own repairs they make their problem with their device well known by describing to the tee what they are having a problem with and is straight to the point of what they wants and is more than cooperative in when asking for help and "Most of all!" "hit's the Thank button" with out asking them to..
    Awesome to work with they also pay attention to details and is quick with response and accuracy..
    so there for Thank you Jaid40 & kittykat867 for being such a great team players even when times are falling on tough time's

    There is still more people to add in
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  3. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  4. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    :)Welcome To My Thread.
    Please share with us your wonderful experiences with everyone.
  5. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Well id like to thank Google :p lol
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  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

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  7. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thank you good sir.
    There is nothing ever wrong for sharing good humor It actually made me laugh thank you.
    You must have read my other thread lmao.....:)
  8. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I really felt this was needed and a must as for if it wouldn't be for you hard working guys n gal's where would I have been and others included?

    I hold great respect for this website and everyone in it even if I have had disagreed with anyone does not mean I hate them. I just love to push things in the rite direction is all. :p:p:p:p:p

    My intentions are always good..

    I want to thank you guys for stopping in and sharing your respects.

    I totally agree with you bro..
  9. jaymzway

    jaymzway Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wow iam really suprized that only people really care about is how much free stuff they can squeeze out of a developer at least come here n show some support
    Good luck everyone I really hope you get the help you deserve. ;)
    #9 jaymzway, Oct 22, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2015

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