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Nov 14, 2009
I think it is unbelievable that people leave negative comments and bad ratings for apps simply because they could not figure it out. The developers have left email addresses, web sites and sometimes phone numbers, one the market page. Use them people!!! I have contacted developers and always received a response. I have even contacted developers and received updates specific to my criticisms. I do have to admit it was through Personal Messages through this site that Shivers had to tell me to contact the developer to resolve a problem. I did as instructed and within 2 days the problem was resolved through an update. I have contacted developers and for the most part they do not have a Droiiiid and are unaware of the glitches and they have ALWAYS been grateful and courteous for the helpful criticism. So to sum it up contact the devs you will not regret and be kind in your critique. Do not forget to edit critique in market after updates.
I see it all the time too and I think it's just rude. I know when I try a app and it doesn't work out I will just uninstall it. The only time I will leave a comment is for force closes or icons changing but I am never rude about it. These guys are making apps that most of the time are free and just doing it as a hobby and these guys go on there and bash the product and the developer. That helps nothing. Really hope google finds a way to stop certain types of comments. I don't want them to be too much in the process but some of the stuff I see shouldn't be showing up on front page of the app download page.

Maybe the report this comment button should be used a little more.
Amen. I've seen so many people leave bad ratings just because an app doesn't support the droid yet. Even when the developer states it isn't supported yet.

The worst are the ones who leave bad comments/ratings for apps that actually work but they can't or don't even try to figure it out.
I logged onto the forum to create a thread about this very topic. I cannot believe how some people will blast a dev and leave 1 star. Especially when the app is FREE in the first place! I'm like, "HuH???". Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be human. :eek:
It especially grates me when people download a widget, state in the comments that the app doesn't open and rate it negatively, never making the mental leap to understand that it's a widget and you have to place it on your home screen for it to work.
This is the reason I rarely even look at 1 star reviews for Apps, Amazon, anywhere really. This same thing would happen with just about any GPS app for people that had older Blackberry's on Verizon. Verizon used to block GPS from working and people would always leave negative reviews for the app even though there was nothing they could do.

The most useful reviews to see the actual negatives are in the 2 and 3 star ones.
...Comments are for other users...not the developers. Email the developers, leave comments to warn other users of potential problems or show them that your experience was good. I ALWAYS read comments before I install an app.
I read the reviews but don't take them to serious. I mean, there are a lot of newbies on android right now and sometimes they just don't know how to use the app or how to get a widget to show up on the main screen and then they go in and bash the developers. I have even seen directions in the comments from the developer and people still don't get it and leave bad feedback
Yeah, some people go overboard complaining on the Market. As for devs, most are very responsive. The guys that make PhoneMyPC are super responsive and very polite. They're always ready to help troubleshoot.

You know who seems to have washed their hands of Android though? Demiforce. They make Trism. I bought it on the Hero when I was trying it out. Ended up getting the Droid and Trism didn't work. Too late to return it, but I figured it would be updated like most games that didn't work on Droid have been. But nope... I've sent two very polite emails, and I don't even get a response.