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Show Us Your Homescreens X8

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rosered, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hello there and welcome to all new X8 owners. I am making a thread here along similar lines to the one on the X10 forum. It is a place to show what you have done to modify your phones set up.

    The first thing you will need are instructions on how to take screen shots so I will post the link of the tutorial here...

    How to take screenshots of your Android based phone from Windows – Simple Help

    I have an X10 too and I have been able to do pretty much everything on the X8 that I did on there. I will post my screenshots (made as a collage in Photobucket) and list a few of the apps I like the best.

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  2. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    I am using ADW launcher with Home Switcher to toggle between the SE home screen launcher. ADW is great, it allows up to 7 screen and as you can see you can get much more on a page.

    My main home screen is the centre one with Beautiful Widget on it for weather, time & date.
    Handcent SMS & K-9 Mail are on the bottom tab on all screens.
    The calendar app is Jorte and is synced with Google calendar on line.
    The battery widget is BatteryLife.

    If there are any other things that you want to know, just ask! Hope it inspires some of you to move away from the stock screens, which whilst good aren't as customisable as this.
  3. suhel28

    suhel28 Android Enthusiast

    nice one :D

    btw does adw eats up more battery?????
  4. suhel28

    suhel28 Android Enthusiast


    well neCCz is just smartshortcuts widget :D
  5. suhel28

    suhel28 Android Enthusiast


    just installed adw :D

    getting used to it ..

    only problem is the drawer icons are locked cant arrange them but tis fun though :D
  6. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    First of Suhel, loving your work and thanks for sharing!

    Ok in your open your drawer.... (bear with me cos I am having to do this on my phone so I get the order right)

    >Choose Group
    >New Catalog
    Type in a name anything will do and hit OK
    >Choose Group
    Now choose the group you just typed
    >Setup Group
    And it will now give you tick boxes next to the icons that you want to keep in your app drawer, so I ignore any that I have already got on a homescreen and any bloatware from the carrier/SE that I don't use but can't get rid of.

    So tick what you want to keep and every time you open your app drawer you have a much smaller number of apps to choose from/scroll through. Just makes it a bit neater. You can access your full drawer at any time or edit the drawer you are using to add a few back in or get rid of more.

    Another little trick of ADW is if you want to uninstall a market app do the long press on the icon and drag it to the delete bin but pause for a moment and it gives you the option to uninstall rather than having to go via the market/downloads/uninstall route!
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  7. suhel28

    suhel28 Android Enthusiast

    WOW THANKS I never knew that catalog thing I knew about the uninstall thingy :D
  8. suhel28

    suhel28 Android Enthusiast


    made it a bid clumsy but am loving it :D
    I made the catalog too :D
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  9. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

    Hello your dekstops are great but i have X8 too and i want to modified it like that
    I have unistalled some programs but there are empties at one page, also could you tell me how you modified like yours?
  10. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Do you mean that you have empty pages, or empty spaces on a page.

    Do delete pages on ADW, on the home screen press Menu and edit and you can either add or delete pages and also pin which one you want as your default home screen.

    If you meant something else, perhaps if you give me a bit more information then we can help out and get your phone looking as you would like it.
  11. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

    On default how i install this program to customize my android?
  12. kiz1983

    kiz1983 Well-Known Member

    juz find an apps called adw launcher n u can do it like them..

    ive customized mine but lazy to do the procedure to take the screenshot n show it here hehe..

    btw, ive tried dxtop but adw better imo.. launcherplus cant work on our phone, i guess due to the limitation of 1.6.. :(
  13. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

    I used barcode but i cannot find it at market!
    Also i have version 1.6 and plus i am still have empties at one page when other pages are full with apps!
  14. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    What country are you in because maybe ADW isn't available there. You could try Helix launcher or GDE or Panda they all do pretty much the same thing so try the different names and see if you can get one of them.
  15. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

    I am from greece but i cannot find nothing of them!
  16. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ahhh I wonder if that is the problem then. I had a user in New Zealand too that couldn't find any of them. There is an app provided by SlideME | Android Community and Application Marketplace and you can get a home launcher from them or from GetJar - Appsolutely Everything for Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Palm.. Both of these you access via your web browser on your phone and then download their app which is bit like the Android market. They don't have as many apps avaiable but it might be a way to get things that aren't available through the market.
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  17. FelgY

    FelgY Newbie

    Here goes mine! It's quite simple for the moment (I've just installed ADW today), but either way... It's only one week and a half "old". :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

    But which program from these sites?
  19. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just search on launcher and it will give you a selection, altho I think there was only one freebie on each.
  20. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

  21. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I don't know how to do that, I guess you could search on google for adw launcher .apk file to see if someone has uploaded it somewhere. Sorry. Darn you restricted locations, it's frustrating when android is supposed to be open to all.
  22. Androidimos

    Androidimos Newbie

    I found this
    ADW.Launcher (donut) i runned the app but nth
    Plus i download ADW launcher as apl too but i could not install it with Appinstaller nth happens

    Also at second page i could see only 6 apps and after that i have empty slots at third page is full of apps and i have thses empties because i unistalled some apps.
  23. kiz1983

    kiz1983 Well-Known Member

    im using adw launcher donut n it runs juz fine...

    btw ive rooted my phone n snap my homescreens using shootme.. here is mine...

    using lock 2.0


    2nd (with control, google search and handcent sms widget

    3rd (with adhan alarm n facebook widget)

    4th (with anyrss reader widget)

    5th (favorite shortcuts)

    nothing fancy for the background as i like it clean hehe :p
  24. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Have you tried getting the Home Switcher app which lets you change your launcher without having to go through the menu>settings route.

    If you can't get Home Switcher, then Settings>Application>Manage Applications and find Home then clear defaults, then when you press your home key if ADW is installed it will ask you whether you want to use ADW or Home and you can select which one you want as default.

    On your stock launcher that came with the phone, you can rearrange your icons, menu button and select arrange icons. You just long press on the icon until it vibrates and then drag it to where you want it to go... if this is another screen then just move it to the edge of the screen, pause and wait for the screen to move over then drop it in either a space or where you want it and it will shunt everything over to make room for it.

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