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Show us your Sensation Homescreens...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zedstar, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. zedstar

    zedstar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Please also state, the names and descriptions of any apps or widgets that appear on your homescreens to avoid multiple questions. If your using an alternative launcher also let us know.Have a cool wallpaper? also post it, or a link, to save multiple requests.
    How do I take screenshots?
    You need to be rooted to take screenshots, using an app called shootme. If you don't want to root you can still do it, but its rather drawn out, guide here

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  2. xyqtt

    xyqtt Lurker

    You dont need to be rooted. Power button + home makes a screens since 2.3.4
  3. kn0t

    kn0t Newbie


    Sensation Running XboarderMOD Cm7/AOSP Hybrid V1.1.0 |With MIUI launcher|
  4. zedstar

    zedstar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do you do this ? not matter what combination i press it doesn't seem to work ??
  5. Cleggy

    Cleggy Member

    As long as your updated to 2.3.4 it will work!!?? Hold down the power button 1st then click the home button, i find it easier counting a second or so between the two buttons :)
  6. Blugg

    Blugg Newbie

    Been searching for Apps to do that for months now. Thankyou for the information on how to do it. It will come in so handy :D

    And in reply to this thread..

  7. jason-567

    jason-567 Well-Known Member

    My attempt at re-igniting this thread.... I used to have so much fun paticipating in these threads when I was using my desire.... They are a great tool to give new android users ideas to personalise there phone....

  8. Yoshimori

    Yoshimori Lurker


    Official ICS on T-mobile HTC Sensation, using Go Launcher EX with Honeycomb Theme :D!

    @jason-567 What's that clock widget you are using? It looks so cool :D
  9. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert


  10. mojosingle

    mojosingle Lurker

    Hi Yoshimori, Nice page. I see you are using official ICS. Do you still need to be rooted to apply the Go Launcher EX that you have showing there? I like how your display dock eliminates the "all apps" text from the home screen. I'd rather just have a button/icon there, not the wordage. :eek:

  11. Tink-GB

    Tink-GB Member

    I love F1...Never have guessed..?[​IMG]
  12. Yoshimori

    Yoshimori Lurker

    No you don't need to be rooted. It's just a different launcher than the one that came with your phone. Just go on Google Play and download it, and there are hundreds of themes available on Google Play too. You can try out a couple different launchers too :D
  13. damon7620

    damon7620 Well-Known Member

    HTC Sensation Tmobile branded running stock ICS update. Using Apex Launcher with ICS skin. How I got the jellybean notification bar is a app in the market called "Jellybean 4.1 StatusBar"

    Lockscreen is Widgetlocker using the ICS skin:



    -Clock is Fancy Widgets using ICS Inspired skin.


    Screen Left:


    Screen Right:
    -battery widget is minimalistic text


    App Drawer:

  14. 02pmal

    02pmal Lurker

    This is my first post, so hope it's worked, my homescreen running go-ex

    Attached Files:

  15. jason-567

    jason-567 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry Yoshi, the widget I am using in the post is called one more clock **Free on the android market**
  16. jason-567

    jason-567 Well-Known Member


    Upgraded to sense 4.0 and this is my first set up
  17. damon7620

    damon7620 Well-Known Member

    [Current Setup]

    Lockscreen: Widgetlocker with Jellybean Skin


    Homescreen: Apex Launcher, Google Now, HD Widgets, CNN News Widget, Tersus Icons

  18. damon7620

    damon7620 Well-Known Member

    Changed it up and made it more simple. Plus Mila is gorgeous!

  19. alanbingham27

    alanbingham27 Well-Known Member

    Jason are you rooted mate?
  20. damon7620

    damon7620 Well-Known Member

    He has to be because sense 4.0 is not stock on Sensations.
  21. YPud

    YPud Newbie

    Can you share the wallpaper on the right please

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