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Show Us Your X10 Homescreen...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by the_ahmadzais, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. the_ahmadzais

    the_ahmadzais Member
    Thread Starter

    Please post your X10 Home Screens in this thread.

    Please also state the names of any apps or widgets that appear on your homescreens. If your using an alternative launcher also let us know. if anyone is using launch-x pro please post the pictures. Thanks

  2. aperson

    aperson Lurker

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours first :)
  3. KingDong

    KingDong Android Enthusiast

    how can you take a picture of the screen?
  4. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    camera? webcam?
  5. T3RBO

    T3RBO Member

    If rooted you can get certain apps to do it

    Here are two

    Screenshot (shake to take the pic)
    ShootMe (Screen Grabber)
  6. dejo6

    dejo6 Newbie

    OK, I will go first:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I use ADW launcher.
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  7. KingDong

    KingDong Android Enthusiast

    Your wallpapers cool where did you get it?
  8. the_ahmadzais

    the_ahmadzais Member
    Thread Starter

    @dejo6 how did u get that mic thing in your google search ?
  9. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

  10. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast

    I use a few different ones, Panda Home and 91Home, And Home also, I have not really played around to much with it but after seeing everyones home pages it makes me want to. LOL



  11. dejo6

    dejo6 Newbie

    Wallpaper came with iDroid ADW theme.
    That's google voice search. I think it's from the market.
  12. airplaneman

    airplaneman Member

    What app is that that has the graphs and stuff (Volume, Data, Phome/SMS).
  13. dejo6

    dejo6 Newbie

    From top to botom: google search, battery time lite, 3G watchdog, DroidStats , audio manager and switch pro widget.
  14. Dbnguy

    Dbnguy Well-Known Member

    Ohhhhhhh. After reading some posts I downloaded ADW - WOW.... Think Im gonna like :)

    Jees I love my phone LOL
  15. Dbnguy

    Dbnguy Well-Known Member

    @Crash27: On your 4th screen you have all your apps on a cube? Is that a seperate app or on one of the hoe apps? I LIKE :p
  16. Dbnguy

    Dbnguy Well-Known Member

    I see most of you have a separate wallpaper for every page.

    How is that done? Which ever one I choose it simply stretches it over all the screens. I am using the plain home screen and now just downloaded ADW...
  17. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast

    The home screen with the Cube is called 91iHome, it has several effects like that, you can have the cube, card, 3D, Flip and more, it is actually a pretty cool Home app, I myself am more partial to Panda Home, I like the 6 Flip out docks, There are a lot of cool ones out there, I have tried several of them from Home to Zeam.
  18. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    are all this stuff available on the android market? for free?
  19. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    mine is just this picture

    and the basic digital clock task killer and battery meter on the main screen
  20. ECBomb

    ECBomb Member

    how to u guys get the dock to display 5 things? is it a result from rooting the phone, a paid app, or part of the ADW settings? damn looks nice, any help on that would be great!
  21. Shonan

    Shonan Android Enthusiast

    i couldnt find the 91ihome ? is it for rooted only ?
  22. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast

    The market actually calls it iHome for some reason, when it installs it has the 9 infront of it, there is the free version and Full, I use the full, it gives you all the extras.
  23. ray1510

    ray1510 Member

    I've installed ihome I love the look of it but it keeps force closing when I try to change the settings or the theme
  24. ray1510

    ray1510 Member

    Is there a way for adw launcher to have the bubble around the apps in app menu ? Like the iPhone has , looks Kool
  25. urs74

    urs74 Lurker

    My x10's homescreen

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