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::Side Bar:: It's the little things

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by willamlholla, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. willamlholla

    willamlholla Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Man day in day out i find things that make this phone one of the best i ever had... Just found out something in didn't think was possible

    So i'm on the phone with my ex...so i'm talking and going threw the albums on my phone , and hit play..to my susprise ...it plays..while on the phone...NO more Long convo's with a empty backgroud... put music in ya life and keep ya intrested in the convo

    my lil side bar... feel free to add anything :D


  2. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    uh huh, yeah uh huh oh of course, oh really, yeah huh?

    Are you listening to me!

    uh.... yeah?

  3. ram100987

    ram100987 Member

    That's cool. Could she hear the music as well?

    I know one time I was on the phone w my fianssee and she asked me to check how much was in her bank account, so I put her on speaker and got online and checked her account while on the phone with her. Also thanks to multiple webpages I didn't lose the webpage I was already browsing when she called.

    True multitasking!

    N3TWORK BURN3R Android Enthusiast

    thats pretty cool. now im gonna download music specifically for this. "Bom bom oooohh yeaa....chika chikahhhh....bom bom ohhh yea...."
  5. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    When I'm no longer interested in the covo, that's when I hit the red "call end" button. Problem solved. Life's too short to listen to people endlessly running their head.
  6. willamlholla

    willamlholla Newbie
    Thread Starter


    But i was still in to the convo..damn if i wasn't grove'n to Q-tip the whole time...

    This phone Multitasking capabilities are above any other phone i know.. make it seem like a device that has a phone option
  7. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    How empty must your life be to need music on a phone conversation? To do it at all, you'd have to ONLY be on the call out of sheer boredom. Otherwise you'd have something important enough to talk about that music would be a pain in the ass.

    It's cool that the G1 does it, but dear god...
  8. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Android Expert

    Let's not start attacking people. I can see a variety of uses (and I am not sure exactly how it works as I haven't tried it.)

    If both people can hear it....maybe the person with the G1 playing audio during the call:

    --recorded baby's first words
    --recorded an important speech
    --works in news media and interviewed someone and then queued up audio for a call in report (albeit crude)
    --works in music industry
    --works in ad industry
    --works in movie/tv industry
    --works in radio
    and finally the best reason ever....
    -- to record calls for quality assurance so when you need to play back that Tmobile said they would credit you for 50 min of free calls and they didn't apply it to your bill you could playback the audio*

    *yes I am sure they would not take your word for it, but still a reason

    That's just a few reasons and I'm sure the people in this board can come up with many more.
  9. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    Yeah I guess that was a little heavy handed. I just don't get it is all.
  10. willamlholla

    willamlholla Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Damn homie lol... it's not really a big deal..thats why i said the "little" things this phone can do ...the music just makes the convo more pleasant and easyer for me to keep it going i can grove while talk'n ...but hey to each it's own...

    I just opend up this thread up for people to just let us kno what cool little things that make the Phone special to them...cuz dont' forget..for some this is a COMMITMENT LOL
  11. Fremen93

    Fremen93 Newbie

    There's a big difference between being a little heavy handed, and being a total jerk. I don't think its right to question why someone would want to do something with their phone..its their phone, they can do what they want with it. Someone was posting something he discovered about his phone, and you trash him for it. Definitely not a good way to keep the information flowing.
  12. PsychoBadBoy

    PsychoBadBoy Lurker

    I'm curious about this...when you're in the middle of a convo, does the sound of the music go through the phone so the other person hears it too, or does it just come out of the speaker?
  13. willamlholla

    willamlholla Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Na they can't hear it....if you got the head phones works best...and just turn the volume down in the settings and just chill relax and groove while talk'n ;)
  14. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    I guess your urge to groove is much stronger than mine, but not stronger than your urge to jabber on the phone
  15. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    I can question whatever the hell I want to.
  16. Phases


    I'm gettin' pretty tired of the couple of members I see posting on threads for no real reason other than to piss on someone else's well meant posts.

    So what if someone's pointing out a cool feature they came across?

    So what if someone's asking where to find a cheap SD card? How dare they want advice from a forum meant to give it!

    So what if someone screws up their grammar, let's talk about how we need a "stupid filter"!

    Yeah, keep on lookin' down your noses at other members around you who aren't tryin' to do anything other than offer advice or get help, see where it gets ya.
  17. shoes

    shoes Newbie

    A question from G1 user to be - can you record phone calls with G1? If yes, how exactly does it work?

    GODMODE Well-Known Member

    Agreed. The OP has let some of you into a bi of his personal life, as well as sharing a nice tip of info that is surely useful to some here. If you are here to troll or attack people - cancel your account. Its not wanted or appreciated here.

  19. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    I'm not here to troll or attack people. When I read his post about how he's listening to music while talking on the phone, I imagined being on the other end of that distracted, pointless call and decided to say what I felt about it.

    You accuse me of trying to suppress ideas while simultaneously trying to suppress MY ideas, telling me to 'cancel my account'.

    Everyone wants the free exchange of information and ideas, but not dissenting ones, apparently.
  20. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    very cool about to test that one out right now
  21. Phases


    Come on guys. Can we try to quit doing this? (also, see this poll!)

    OP was just sharing a tidbit of info. The thread is called "The little things".

    You hopped on with "oh dear god, how empty your life must be" ..

    It's not anyone trying to suppress your ideas, or having trouble with dissenting opinion. It's people asking others to NOT rudely post negative crap on a thread - toward a member or their personal life - when someone's just trying to share information about the phone.

    So what if OP and his (ex) GF are one of those pair that sit on the phone through thick and thin. For whatever reason. Why do you care? Lots of people do that. When I was a teen I sat on the phone with my girlfriend for 6+ hours straight every night. I had music playing, so did she. He was just explaining the situation that led to the discovery. If your going to comment on the personal aspect of it, at least try not to be rude about it.

    Focus on the point of the thread. Head over to verizonvoyager.org and look at the huge slew of complaints that have piled up over there for the past year, all about how our phones can't multi-task. One of the biggest complaints is how we can't listen to music while doing other stuff. I'm jealous as hell.
    However, I'm certainly not jealous of him having to talk to his ex. I cringe every time the GF I just mentioned calls. She's a nightmare. Seriously. My phone rings, and I've been conditioned to be afraid it's her. Usually wanting to suck more money out of me... sigh. Only 7 more years.....
    Starting from the top of this thread and going down, can you imagine what it could have been like had it not been hijacked with "how pointless your life must be..." and "I just hit the end button, got better things to do" and "lets debate over whether or not it's cool to ruin a thread because we don't agree with the non phone related aspect of it".
    Now in the spirit of moving this thread forward...

    Damn I wish my phone could do that. Or at least let me text while music is playing. Though I'm not the heavy texter I used to be, I get enough to where trying to listen to music is almost pointless because as soon as I get one it cuts off the music player.

    Does G1/Android do that, or what? (forgive my ignorance.)
  22. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Android Expert

    Phases...you have 500+ msgs and are an admin - but from this post it seems you don't own/use a G1...is that right? Why?
  23. Phases


    Indeed that is true. As I've mentioned on a number of posts - I'm stuck until either:

    a) T-Mobile rolls out 3G here and our contract with Verizon ends, or
    b) Verizon jumps on the bandwagon.

  24. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember

    It's cool when you find out little crazy things about devices. I love finding things that I didn't know. And btw, Phases, wanna get the Storm and let me play with it? Pleeeeeaaase?
  25. HTC Bum

    HTC Bum Android Enthusiast

    On the site note.. thats an interesting way to spell... there isn't an s in fiance, and you managed to put 2 of them. rolling waffles.

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