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Sideload Wonder Machine For Mac...???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by estefana, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. estefana

    estefana Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay, so I downloaded the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine for the Mac, and it is a file called swm-install.sh. When I clicked on it, it opened up as a text file. I tried renaming it swm-install.command and it wouldn't open saying that I didn't have the priveleges/permissions, even though I unlocked it in the Get Info Window. I tried using Platypus to make it run as an application...but I'm unsure how to get that working.

    I don't understand terminal and coding, although I'm willing to learn new things. How do I get this to work? I need detailed instructions for a novice:p

    Thanks in advance!!

    Here's the link to the Wonder Machine:
    Sideload Wonder Machine for Linux & Mac! - Android Central Forums

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  2. DT

    DT Android Expert

    .sh files are shell scripts, you need to execute it in terminal, or if you use the Finder and rename it to .command, you have to set it for executable (under File Info or something). I haven't been on a Mac in a while, so that's totally out of my rear. :D

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