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Sideloading debunked by htcsource?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by YouGotRedOnYou, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Looks like all is not right in the world of Inspire. Looks like no sideloading on our phone, but it won't sway my purchase. Sucks if true, though.

    From htcsource:...Update: as much as we enjoyed showing off the HTC Inspire 4G’s ability to sideload applications, we regret to inform you that the handset will not support this feature when it launches. With the help of Phil from Android Central, we discovered that the demo unit we received is not functioning properly. HTC informed Phil that the Inspire 4G will no be able to sideload application when it’s available at retail and that AT&T has not changed their policy of the subject. Android users who purchase phones from AT&T will still only be able to install applications from the Android market.

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  2. Oh well in the end though how many apps need to be sideloaded ? Not enough for me to care
  3. _Cody_

    _Cody_ Member

    Same here
  4. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    yeah, personally, I don't really care...but it would be a good feature to have. That being said, i know a lot of people could, or will be, turned off by that. Sorry, peeps.

  5. Nah. If they were willing to buy a locked down no side loading hard to rom atrix I don't think that little thing will sway inspire owners
  6. Chew

    Chew Android Enthusiast

    I'm used to using the Wonder Machine for sideloading, so nothing's really changed.

  7. Yea if you have to there are ways. The most important is the ability to root and rom if you like and that's easy with the inspire
  8. pinbak

    pinbak Well-Known Member

    I got the wonder machine too for installing, but would've been a cool feature. Oh well!! Still can't wait to get it!!
  9. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast

    This is really annoying, I buy an android phone to have full access and customization, hate that...but no use in complaining.
  10. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast

    Is rooting phones easy? Ive jailbroken iphones, is it just as easy?
  11. Depending on the phone and situation, for instance with HTC there is unrEVOked which basically does all the work for you almost a one click root. Same as the galaxy S they have a one click root. Others it takes a few steps, but being that we are getting HTC the rooting and ROM will be easy because unrEVOked has us covered :)
  12. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Android Enthusiast

    I've used android since the original motorola droid came out. Never once did I have to sideload anything.
  13. I agree as well whats the worse thing you might not be able to put a beta of swype oh well no big loss
  14. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Android Enthusiast

    if you don't need to sideload anything, what would be the purpose of rooting the phone?

  15. Rooting is to have control over everything and if you want to install ROMs etc
  16. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If there is too much bloatware installed on the phone, I'll for sure root just to remove those annoyances. I'm never gonna use them, and don't want space being taken up.
  17. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Android Enthusiast

    so a rom is a compilation of different aspects of other phone builds? would you mind explaining a ROM. I have heard cyanogen, serendipity, ROM Flashing, and I seem to be a bit confused. sorry if I derail the thread.
  18. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Actually, a mini FAQ would be good to have stickied out in these parts. Unfortunately, I'm not the right guy for the job...yet.
  19. A rom ia essentially a new build or existing build of the operating system with different features
  20. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Android Enthusiast

    Maybe you should consider writting a really good FAQ for sticky purposes regarding rooting, options, effects, etc. for the betterment of the forum...

  21. Maybe if I have some free time later
  22. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    No pressure! lol Don't feel like it's on your shoulders, brother! lol

  23. Oh ok lol lol
  24. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Android Enthusiast

    Ill be happy to help with this!

    maybe i can start a wiki page

    some of the members of the captivate section did the same thing for the captivate and it helped many new people
  25. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a plan! HOP TO IT! :D

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