Help Sideloading

Dont know if any of you have been checking the tech blogs, but the guy that made launcher pro has put out a windows phone 7 style media player for android.

It has to be sideloaded, is this enabled by default on our NS4G or do I need to temp root it.

Also, has anyone put in this apk or rooted your NS4G? If so how are things going?

Sir Digby

It has to be sideloaded, is this enabled by default on our NS4G or do I need to temp root it.
I'm curious about this too because I'm a programmer and I'm interested in writing my own apps without necessarily publishing them on the Marketplace. Can I install the apps I write without having to "root" the phone? I have absolutely no interest in messing around with custom ROM images. I just want a "stock" phone with the ability to run my own Java programs using the Android SDK (which I already have installed on my notebook).


Edit: In case it isn't obvious, I don't own an Android phone yet. I'm considering the NS4G.


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@OP, I haven't heard about this. Definitely sounds worth looking into if you don't like your current Launcher.

@Digby, I was going to suggest you try and download the Dolphin beta from here and see what happens, but since you don't have an android phone yet, I'll just tell you. You can easily install .apks that aren't on the market, but there's a setting you have to tick to get them to install. If you try to install a non-market apk, it brings you to that setting.

EDIT: Just to reconfirm what I said, I downloaded to Android SDK last night, whipped up a "Hello World", compiled it into an .apk, uploaded it to my FTP server and was able to download it on my Nexus S. So what you could do is make the .apk, get a website, and host it on the website. You could even throw a QR code on the information page so all the person who wants it would have to do is point their phone at it with an application like ShopSavvy.