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Signal drops completely - HTC Desire S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Libellule, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. matth321

    matth321 Lurker

    I'm on t-mobile with an HTC Desire S. Last week I got a phone update of about 200 Mb. I'm now on Android 2.3.5, HTC Sense 3.0 and software, which seems to have solved the problem I think. Anyone had the same?

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  2. scottmliddell

    scottmliddell Lurker

    Same problem, HTC Desire S on Orange with Android 2.3.3 HTC Sense 2.1, software

    I have the update to 2.3.5 available - in fact, it's been available a while, in fact, I already applied it once and it pretty much totally bricked the handset ( constant crash-reboot cycles ).

    So, I got a new handset from Orange and left it well alone.

    But I still have the signal dropping issue.

    So, the question is, has anyone had any issue with the 2.3.5 update? Should I crack on and not worry about a reoccurrence of the 2.3.5 issue?
  3. vnsk

    vnsk Newbie

    I have been on 2.3.5, Sense 3.0, s/w no: 2.14.415.3 since Dec. initially I had the 2.3.2 with the sense 2.1. I dont remeber the s/w no. But I had two issues. One was the irritating habit of my phone either switching off or rebooting itself.
    The signal issue was also a probelem...my colleaugues Samsung or Iphone would show full signal and mine would drop out.

    But after the upgrade to the current software I have not had a problem so far. Maybe it is a problem with the 1.47 version.
  4. leono1

    leono1 Newbie

    finally come to the end of my tether waiting for a OTA update from tmobile\htc and so two weeks ago decided to flash a new ROM. no difference, poor signal still and still late text messages and still sometimes people couldnt get a call through to me. decided to flash the radio last week. everything is how it supposed to be!!! messages are received the minute they are sent to me and all calls getting through and better signal in all places i go to where signal was poor before. IF I HADNT FLASHED THE RADIO MYSELF I WOULD BE STILL WAITING FOR AN UPDATE TO A PROBLEM IVE HAD SINCE LAST OCTOBER!!!!!! F**K YOU HTC AND YOU TMOBILE!!
  5. scottmliddell

    scottmliddell Lurker


    I applied the OTA update to 2.3.5 and my phone was pretty much bricked. Seemed very unlikely to happen to two separate phones and so it proved, the issue was the sim. Very similar issue, dropping signal etc but with 2.3.5 the phone was permanently unstable.

    New sim and 2.3.5 and the phone is great.
  6. Dermbet

    Dermbet Lurker

    An automatic update by T Mobile fixed the wireless problem on my HTC Desire S
  7. chewy56

    chewy56 Lurker

    i have desire S 2.3.5, Sense 3.0, s/w no: checked for s/w update non available i have all the same probs mentioned in this thread also i cannot use answer phone after factory reset, no number stored on sim and cannot call orange on mobile i dial 123 on handset and get "welcome to voice mail to listen to ur messages press 1" so i press one and it has no affect just cycles through menu... orange web site useless information spoken to orange 4 times last lady got bored and hung up still 12 month on contract well pigged off
  8. wireless360

    wireless360 Lurker

    I have a Desire S with Android version 2.3.5, but it has unstable signal problem in WCDMA mode. So I looked it up on Google and this thread came up first!
    This thread has been helpful regarding the signal problem. As mentioned in the old posts, setting the mobile network to GSM-only provides signal-stability.
    Another alternative - signal reset app mentioned here.
    Let's see if the upcoming ICS update fixes the problem!
  9. chewy56

    chewy56 Lurker

    mine is now fixed with a new sim card
  10. clarkster99

    clarkster99 Lurker

    hi i have a htc desire c an i have had the exact same problem but i think i may have found a solution o an by the way i am with 3 well i spent alot of time trying to find out a solution an i think i may have an it has worked an i get a signal, because the signal used is the same as the signal used on the radio i uninstalled the updates on my radio app that all ready comes on the htc an suprisingly i now have a signal
  11. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Hi clarkster99, and welcome to AF :)

    Do you mean the FM radio app? That's very surprising if so, as there's actually no connection at all between the FM and and the cellular signal, and if the FM app is interfering with the cellular radio software that's a bizarre bug indeed. But if it's solved it for you then good luck :)

    As that's a Desire C it's not the same phone or software that is being discussed here though.
  12. clarkster99

    clarkster99 Lurker

    hi this didnt work i found that it done nothing must of been because i was in a different room but still bu doing the radio thing it still didnt work an yes i have the desire c but i get the exact problem as the desire s an even other types of phones work in my house but i have no signal
  13. sandeep6788

    sandeep6788 Lurker

    hi i m from india. i have htc desire s with unique problem. network works well with GSM mode only with tata docomo sim but gone crazy with BSNL and Vodafone sim and no network reception in gsm mode only and when i try to set it manually it said " uor sim card does not allow connect this network" however when i select WCDMA mode it works with poor signal. how to resolve it any idea.
  14. Gibz73

    Gibz73 Lurker

    Hi guys, just had to sign up to say I've just taken delivery of a new Desire C yesterday;

    Android v 4.0.3
    HTC Sense v 4.0
    Software No. 2.00.1132.3

    on BT Mobile (vodafone carrier)

    and I already have had the signal dropping problem, and calls going straight to voicemail, only getting signal back if I restart or switch to aeroplane mode and back.

    Also, watching the signal meter you could see it wavering, going up and down from 0/1 bar to full and back.

    I have since (having read a post above) force stopped and disabled all radio apps and anything to do with radio...atm, the signal meter is holding steady at full bars and the signal has not dropped since....YET.

    I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed eh
  15. Gibz73

    Gibz73 Lurker

    A quick update,

    surprise surprise, it didnt work. Signal still drops frequently. BT's answer is to send me a replacement handset, the same model! FAIL.

    BT are charlatans, do not do business with them.
  16. canongs

    canongs Lurker

  17. canongs

    canongs Lurker

    This problem is solved quite easily. WiFi and phone signal are linked within the software. Go to Settings; then Menu; then Advanced. There is something called "Network notification --- notify me when an open network is available". [maybe different wording according to the software number] This is ticked by default. Untick it. All will now be well. This is because when your WiFi signal is low, the phone will automatically look for another one. At this point you will lose the phone signal. If the box is ticked the phone signal will be lost and can only be restored by a reboot. But unticking the box means you don't have to do this!

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