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Signal issues? Want better upload/download speeds?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mihneagabriel, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. mihneagabriel

    mihneagabriel Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Try this:

    Low Signal Issue Resolved! - xda-developers

    I had signal strength around -80, download of .9mb, and upload of .6mb with the previous PRL (59021 or something like that) with the one that's posted I get -60 signal, download of 1.8mb and upload of .9mb.

    Just follow the steps in the link. If you need to go back just do *228. Make you sure you unzip before you update the prl.

  2. metalmenance

    metalmenance Well-Known Member

    im in tenn and never had alltel, the coverage map dont show here so dont think its worth the trouble to see
  3. Steven58


    that's the altel prl file (roaming on altell) I used it back in the Spring when I had my dinc.

    Resolved would be quite an exaggeration. ;) :p
  4. illusionz

    illusionz Member


    The old prl from may didn't work as well as this one.

    I went from -118db to -86 db.

    That's like 1 bar to 3.

    Pretty good.

    Thanks for passing this info along.
  5. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    Not completly sure, but you might want to be careful using an Alltel prl. In some areas, like mine, altell didn't have native evdo and piggybacked on Sprint for data. Not sure how VZW is with in market data roaming.
  6. illusionz

    illusionz Member

    Ah crap, that makes me worry.

    I don't think they'd charge for something like that though...
  7. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    Has anyone tried this in NYC?

    I have 0 - 1 bars in my house. No dropped calls, but i do get missed calls (all of a sudden i have a voicemail, it never rang)
  8. mike1

    mike1 Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure its only for southern areas of the US

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