Signal strength degrades over time?


Hey all,

I have had my nexus since launch day and its been a pretty strong runner for me. I've always been stock, un-rooted. For the first couple month after launch it never dropped signal while at my desk at work nor when I was in my elevator in my apartment. Then over the course of a month it would drop 4g and pick it back up once to twice an hour at work. It would also drop to 3g while in the elevator at my apartment.

Then I recieved the 4.0.4 OTA and all was well in Nexus land. No more drops at work or the elevator. Now 2 or 3 months after the OTA I'm noticing a 4g drop a couple times a day at work and a drop to 3g when in the elevator.

Edit: should add this is on VZW
It's a strange thing to me. Run strong when new and after the OTA for awhile but then a slow drop in its signal holding strength. Has anyone else experienced this type of degradation of ability to hold on to a signal?


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Mine has been holding data connection fairly well until recently. Then from about a month ago, it randomly dropped it couple of times a week that needs airplane mode toggle. It just goes grey signal bar with 3G or 4G icon but doesn't turn back to blue on its own when it happens. But 1X voice/text signal has been just fine always.

About two weeks ago, it dropped data connection almost once every day and I kind of felt the pain that many others with signal horror stories had. But now it got better like dropping a few times or less a week. I'm not sure what it is but I don't think it's related to signal strength. My guess is it has to do with VZW towers doing something.