Help Signal Strength Issue..


I bought the LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile yesterday and the signal strength was great where ever I went. The bars were full or just one bar down when I was actively using the phone or just walking with it while not actively using the phone. When I got into my home however, the signal dropped 3 bars when I had the screen active. However, when I the phone is idle and the screen turns off, it seems to display full signal strength. In other words all the bars are lit. But when I a press key to display the screen the signal drops 3 bars. why is this occuring? Can I prevent this from happening?



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When the phone is in use it's displaying the actual signal available to be used, and it's common for signals to degrade when inside a structure because of both loss and interference, but they'll still be usable. In nearly all cases even one bar will allow you to make calls or send messages, it's the speed of the data connection for Web use that gets affected, and that's a function of RF over the air.