Signature banners?


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Recently got the RD title and I wish to have a banner representing the same in my signature :D
On XDA we have a lot of varieties to choose from.
Similarly, are there any for androidforums too?


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I guess XDA hadn't made them official one but they are made by Graphics designers there and XDA supported them
So I guess we can request our here


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I agree lack of signature images for Rom developers is upsetting. I'd have to be premium to have one but I can't justify that expense in the current climate.


Signatures I might entertain, what are you looking for - just the ability to add an image? I don't plan on coming up with any site-provided signature images. As for a badge like what you see for staff and premium.. well that might require some extra legwork on our part. I would then want the ROM Dev group to be maintained a bit more meticulously as far as activity level goes.