Signature Capture App?

So, i had an interview this morning for a job, and have an opportunity to earna great deal of brownie points with the business owners!
They were thinking of purchasing some sort of electronic signature capture device (like fedex or UPS has when you sign for a package) for invoices.. BUT.. I also mentioned my Droid Eris and how it can do so much... Turns out, both of the Owners have DROIDs lol..

Anyways.. I want to know if anyone has seen some sort of application that can capture signatures, and either save an image to be emailed, or email directly from the app..

OR does anyone know a DEV that could create something as simple as this, that I can talk to and relay updates on the APP to the owners of this company..

They seemed really interested in it, and I'm pretty positive it will show a good bit of initiative in saving their company money from the get-go (on my part)

It would be AWESOME to maybe have a custom app built, specifically for their company, but anything at this point (instant gratification method) would help!


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I think it could be, whoever decides to try it out, if they make it look professional enough, and maybe even add an option to import pdf, or text files, and be able to select a section of the form to enable "signature mode".. This would allow people to sign forms directly, and save paper.

Easiest way I can think of would be to (while in the document) open up a blank white screen, (with a thin black pencil tool), and have them sign using the entire size of the screen.. Then have a button, or menu option to apply it to the document, then maybe have a simple resize and "drag and drop" move function to paste it on top of the document..

BUT, i would be perfectly happy with a VERY simple white screen (w/ a guideline for the signer) and an option to save and/or email the image to myself. (must be able to title the files, to avoid confusion between clients signatures and sig. dates and what not lol)


Definintely. Its almost like the idea of swiping credit cards on Nextel phones. I dont think it worked out well though. They were only around for a little while. But people probaly felt that was a security risk to do that.

On the other hand, I think your idea could work well. Businesses use it already, so the softward just needs to be adapted to the droid.


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Something like gesture search...simple enough to write out letters, you could just have an app that was even simpler, and instead of searching based on the letters you drew out, you could just have it save the one screen (the signature) to whatever database you choose.

Edit: look at gesture search (its a google app in the marketplace) and let me know if you get what I'm saying.


I don't know if the capacitive touch screens would work with a stylus. But I can think of numerous ways to do it without actually having to sign on the screen.


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I'm aware that a stylus will not work on the capacitive touch screens, but Signing with a finger wouldn't be so bad i guess..

I did find this one app called Draw and Share. which is pretty cool, and works similarly to what I'm looking for.. but it's not the professional interface i'm looking for..
Something a little less "fun" you know?
Draw and share has little clip art things and colors, etc... I just need a thin black line drawing tool for signatures lol..

I can probably make Draw and Share work, i'll run it by some people and see if they have any qualms with it..


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It sounds more or less straightforward to capture signatures. I mean, Draw! is half-way there but of course needs to become a plugin to a file viewer of sorts. The real trick, I guess, is making it trustworthy from a user point of view.

About the stylus issue: yes, you can use a stylus, but it has to be a special type instead of a "dead ball-point pen" type stylus as UPS et al are using. You'll get a ton of hits searching for "iPhone stylus", even if you limit your search to this forum. :cool:


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I just ordered 3 stylii from eBay for 3 bucks aussie, posted.
Just type in HTC hero Stylus and there are many results.
As for the signature app, it would be a really cool idea. Possible to link it with a text input field in .pdfs?
My lecturers send pdfs for our cover sheets that have a text input field for our names and date etc.


> Anyways.. I want to know if anyone has seen some sort of
> application that can capture signatures, and either save
> an image to be emailed, or email directly from the app..

I have a signature capture component that currently works
within a web browser on Windows Mobile and have an Android
compatible version nearly ready for release. Very easy to use,
the component is placed within the HTML web page and the
user can sign with stylus or finger depending on he device.
The signature is then sent to the web server.
You can see some info on the existing version at
BT Web Signature - Electronic Signature capture component for use in Web pages and Windows applications - works on IE Browser in SmartPhones, Pocket PC and Desktop systems
or contact me directly with your e-mail by private msg for further information on Android status