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signature verification failed Installation aborted in 'one click root'..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mdah2802, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. mdah2802

    mdah2802 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi ,
    i use a samsung galaxy s, i9000, android 2.2 .
    when i use one click root to root my cellphone a problem occured.

    it shows,

    Install from package...
    Finding update...
    Opening Update...
    Verifying update...
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    i could continue to apply (Apply Update.zip) option to root the device..

    what should i do...... please help me out friends.. :(:(:(.

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  2. Did you ever get this solved?
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Just to be clear, we are talking about Super One Click instead of One Click lagfix right?
  4. gramme

    gramme Lurker

    I spent over 2 weeks trying to find an answer to this issue...found this page:
    [how-to][condensed]e:signature verification error/aka 3e recovery mod and workarounds - xda-developers with a great explanation of the problem....I had to do a 3e fix...I choose what I thought was the EASY way and it worked! Here are my instuctions:

    Download the fix for 3e here:
    here's the link!

    (disable antivirus for 5 minutes.)

    Now put phone in USB debugging mode then connect to computer
    Computer may find new hardware and want to install…just say yes to everything

    unzip the above downloaded file on pc
    click the install.bat
    follow on screen instructions!

    This is the 3e fix only….now you can use Superoneclick to root the phone.
    First, if you're running Android 2.2, you need to root your phone in order to unlock it.

    You will see an app called "Superuser", confirming this. This should NOT be uninstalled. Should you wish to un-root your phone for warranty purposes, SuperOneClick allows for that too... though I havent tried it.


    Step 2: I needed to update Busybox, and while there maybe easier ways, here's what I did. On the phone, go to Android Market and download the free version of Titanium Backup. Open this program, and click the "Problems?" button at the bottom center of your screen. Choose update busybox (and you can update superuser if needed, as well).


    Once the phone is rooted you need to UNLOCK the phone.
    Step 3: Finally, lets unlock it.
    The only gimmick that did work for Android 2.2 was a Market application called "Galaxy S Unlock". Its free. When you launch it, there will be a separate popup asking if superuser rights should be granted to this app. Answer yes. You might get several prompts like this. I dont recommend you tell it to remember your answer and automatically grant superuser rights to all such requests in future.
    Just follow the steps when you launch it and you should be unlocked. This cool app even allows you to re-lock the phone, should you need to obtain service while under warranty. I havent tried re-locking it though.

    From your phone numeric keypad, dial *#7465625#
    If you see the following:

    Personalization Status
    Network Lock [OFF]
    Network Subset Lock [OFF]
    SP Lock [OFF]
    CP Lock [OFF]

    You have successfully unlocked your phone.

    Reboot and try a SIM card from a different carrier. Should boot up seamlessly, without asking for any codes.

    Now that the phone is rooted, you might want to remove some of the preinstalled bloatware. FREEZE unwanted apps, do not uninstall. Otherwise, I'm told, you lose your ability to obtain future over-the-air updates.

    The program I used for freezing unwanted apps is "AntTek App Manager", available free from Android Market. The free version of Titanium Backup doesnt allow you to freeze apps, only the paid version does. So I uninstalled it after updating Busybox.

    Hope this works for you...I was thrilled when I finally got it rooted!
    Donna aka gramme :)
    samsung captivate android 2.2 galaxy S

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