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Silence Camera Noises

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by p0tential, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. p0tential

    p0tential Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know how to mute the sounds from the camera. I have the phone in silent mode with all audio levels at 0 and the camera still makes the sound when you take a picture. It is loud and annoying, does anyone know how to mute/silence it?

  2. p0tential

    p0tential Lurker
    Thread Starter

    no one else is annoyed by this?
  3. dreads2you

    dreads2you Lurker

    yes i am and i have been looking for an answer to this question as well please help
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  4. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Well-Known Member

    that sucks, how are you supposed to be sneaky when taking pictures of crazy looking people at wal-mart!?
  5. epicurious

    epicurious Lurker

    Oh yes - another one annoyed by this as well. Why would they put it on the previous 4G and not this one? They must've spaced out. Welcome any updates on this.
  6. gocoogs

    gocoogs Newbie

    I agree! I have missed out on too many sleeping dog pics :(
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  7. KenB123

    KenB123 Lurker

    If any developers are listening, I'll add a +1 vote on this request also.
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  8. norcalcody

    norcalcody Lurker

    If you are willing to root your phone you can use Root Explorer(market purchase $3.99), then you can just rename the files that are asst. w/camera and sound or just go to:
    root/data folder,
    create a file cld local.prop,
    add line ro.camera.sound.forced=0
    then restart phone.

    You retain the ability to enable the sounds w/the 2nd opt. But since no one likes the sound effects, why bother? Just rename the other files.

    Root at your own risk.
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  9. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    I think this "design" was a pro-active response to a bill proposed back in 2009:

    H.R. 414 [111th] - Summary: Camera Phone Predator Alert Act (GovTrack.us)

    i don't think the bill passed, but I think Samsung shouldn't have dealt with it this way. They could've just pushed a firmware update to force enable camera sound instead of making it so before a bill was even enforced.
  10. adaaaam

    adaaaam Android Enthusiast

    Everyone that just asked for this feels like a predator now... Lol!
  11. IndyJones1023

    IndyJones1023 Lurker

    I have downloaded the local.prop file and placed it in what I think are the right folder(s) but this hack doesn't work.

    I am using Total Commander to copy the file to the File System Root/Data folder. However, there is also another folder called Data in there, so I placed the file in each one.

    But I can still here the camera noise.

    Any advice?
  12. norcalcody

    norcalcody Lurker

    Honestly I won't be able to advise you as I only renamed files. I am a few tweeks from being the one to advise. Hmm so maybe I shouldn't throw out ideas in the first place?
  13. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Extreme Android User

    There are a few options:

    1. Root your phone and delete the shutter sound from system/media/audio
    2. Root and Use a ROM that gives you the option to silence it
    3. 3rd party camera app that can do a pic with no shutter sound (I think camera zoom fx is one, but I'm not sure)
  14. From what I have heard, in Korea, it is illegal to take photos of someone without their knowledge, hence the loud shutter sound. Apparently, Sprint and Samsung decided not to give the option to turn the sound off in the American version of the phone.

    It is pretty annoying - I'm not taking photos of anyone's ass, but I also don't want to be the guy with the really loud camera phone...
  15. dtblair24

    dtblair24 Lurker

    So annoying, I feel like so many phones are like that now, I don't recall being able to silence my EVO3D either. I admit sometimes I am up to no good trying to sneak a picture of someone dressed funny or silly things like that lol. But still no need for a loud shutter sound. There are plenty of legit reasons to take photos in quiet enviroments
  16. The worse part about the camera noise is that it is before the actual picture takes. It takes the picture like a second after the noise and people usually start moving right after the noise resulting in crappy photos or second takes.
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  17. nerys

    nerys Well-Known Member

    worked a treat. got root browser lite (free) (I am rooted)

    went into system/media/audio/ui

    renamed the file with a .bak

    (there were 2 other camera shutter files renamed them as well)

    done no sound now.

    it still makes the quiet little beep beep that it make before shutter but no more shutter sound and no errors.
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