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Silence the Gingerbread feedback noise when adjusting volume with rocker switch?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dead_Droid, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Dead_Droid

    Thread Starter

    I rode out the winter without upgrading my Droid Incredible to Gingerbread because I liked Froyo just as it was, and new Android headaches aren't what I get paid to deal with. So Verizon made sure that I got headaches anyway from frequent update nags. Now I have 2.3.4, plus less less room for apps after the Gingerbread pig moved in, plus there are still system update nags (yeah, HUH???), but these are issues for different posts.

    The real insult added to injury is that now there's the Gingerbread Droid talking back to you when you use volume rocker key to change the ringer volume. Not only is that sound of glass bottles clinking louder the higher you press that key in bad taste, but there's no opt out in the settings. it's an insult comparable to giving the user no opt-out of the keypad-press feedback sounds!

    The option to lock the ringer volume under most conditions would have been a much smarter solution to dealing wth the phantom ring volume changers, and several popular apps purport to do just that. Problem is that none of several which I've tried have any effect on either the feedback noise, nore do they lock the your ringer volume when set to.

    It really isn't cool to have your phone talking back to you in public, much less at the office, no matter how you handle it. Does anyone have an effective way of bringing the ginger-droid in line on that?

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  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Hate to say this, but so many of us were almost forced to do a factory reset after accepting the OTA. Not what you wanted to hear I'm sure. I'd see where you're at after that and what problems, if any, remain.

    There's also a sticky at the top of this forum that has some info on the trials and tribs of the OTA, maybe there's some clues in there if it doesn't resolve itself with a reset:


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