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Silent and do not disturb issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Amyelle, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Amyelle

    Amyelle Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Since the Android update, everytime I switch my phone into silent it automatically activates do not disturb. How do I stop this? I've looked for answers and HTC say this shouldn't happen but can't seem to resolve it.

    I'm currently switching my DND setting between approved contacts and no contacts to stop it ringing during meetings etc, however, I just realised that when I allow calls from approved contacts they're on silent. I have no ringtone on DND from any of my approved contacts so the silent sound profile is totally linked to DND. I need be contactable in an emergency at night which is why I used DND but I also want my phone on silent without having DND.

    Any ideas? Does anyone else have this issue?

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  2. today

    today Android Expert

    I've seen post that this is an issue. Haven't received the marshmallow upgrade as of yet. Verizon is making sure that this upgrade will be flawless. Excuse me. Lololololololololo.
  3. Rickpr

    Rickpr Lurker

    I second that. Upgraded last week. The next day I dropped my phone into my pocket after a call and moved on. Apparently the down volume button was bumped in my pocket before the screen turned off. Phone when into DND mode. Pocket DND. I realized 4 hr later that my phone was rejecting calls. I missed customer calls during my "learning curve". After realizing how DND works, I am now very sorry I upgraded the phone. It appears that you cannot disable DND from being the last position of volume down. For now I am trying to remember to turn off the phone before dropping into my pocket - after every call - annoying. I cannot afford to miss customer calls because the phone does pocket anything. Annoying I can live with, the phone going brain dead in the middle of the day because a volume button was bumped in my pocket I cannot afford. Everyone - how do I fix this (is my only option to buy an iPhone?).
  4. rod9669

    rod9669 Android Enthusiast

    Yup - an iphone is the answer to everything. Jeeeeeeezzzzz

    If it was on silent, you still wouldn't hear it.
  5. Rickpr

    Rickpr Lurker

    You missed the point of my comment. The iPhone was a sarcastic comment - I do not want to go iPhone, I want a solution to my problem. The problem is pocket DND. The point is, I did not set DND intentionally - the ringer was up for my last call. Vibrate works in my pocket to alert me to a call, DND never. Is there ANY way to stop the phone from going to DND in my pocket. How do I stop the phone from going to DND on the down volume button? My sarcasm was out of frustration. Your sarcastic comment was not very useful. This is a plea for help. Can you tell me how to solve my problem? The wonderful DND feature everyone is talking about may have already lost more in business than this phone is worth by the pocket DND. I want someone to tell me how to solve the problem. I understand this is not an HTC problem, but an Android "feature" that will not be fixed by changing to a new Samsung or HTC phone - hence the bit of truth in the iPhone comment.
  6. rod9669

    rod9669 Android Enthusiast

    If the screen is off then the volume button doesn't function. Make sure the screen is off and put it in your pocket up-side-down so that the double-tap motion launch doesn't kick in by accident
  7. Rickpr

    Rickpr Lurker

    Good suggestion except - if I drop it in my pocket upside-down and the power on button gets pressed for an instant(bent over, crouching, pushing on something with my leg, etc - can happen during the day), the screen turns on and the down volume button becomes active - again - exposing me to the DND risk. Even if I do a lock screen, the DND is available while locked via the down volume button once the power button is pushed. I have sensed once in a while the quiet (vibrate) mode engaging prior to the upgrade with pressure on my pocket, a single short vibrate. I do not feel it every time it happens though. The new DND mode does that also, but again, I do not always feel a single short vibrate in the pocket. A call vibrates over and over. I have missed a couple of calls on vibrate over the years, but not many. I at least need the phone to vibrate for a call. I have been carrying HTC for about 8 years and never accidentally got to DND, till now.
  8. rod9669

    rod9669 Android Enthusiast

    Why not change the DND settings to accept calls from everyone?
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  9. Rickpr

    Rickpr Lurker

    That answer is what I have been looking for. Yes, it appears to solve the issue. Never considered setting priority to anyone. Priority stays set when you turn the volume up and more importantly, is remembered when you turn the volume down to DND. Just verified that it works.

    Thanks rod9669! You made my day.

    I would mark your solution as best answer, but since I hijacked this thread, I will at least give you a Like.

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