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Silent Ringer

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Romparoo, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I now know the frustration of others when they complained about their silent ringer issue. Mine started yesterday.

    I have been running EE 2.0.1 for a week now. Last night I did a full wipe and reinstalled EE (not because of the silent issue but because Gmail stopped pushing).

    Now sometime today my phone wont produce any noise. Email, text, ring, alarm, nothing. I get a force close for when I try and pick a sound: for alarm or ringer. I did a power off and of course it is running good now. Not sure for how long.

    Any ideas? Is it a software problem with EE? I have not read anywhere here or on XDA with anyone else with this issue running EE. I really hope it is curable in EE 3.0 (currently not running until theme is completed) and not a hardware problem, I don't want to get a replacement and find that is on hboot 1.49 thus unrootable.

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