Help Silent Video Record?


Hey all, i got my first android device and i really hate the loud sound affects
when you record videos or take pictures and i was told its some legal BS
so you can disable it. Rooting looks like it takes a long time & i dont want to ruin my phone.

I have a silent camera app, but i can't find a silent app to record videos.
One that lets you see what your recording and not just records hidden.

Im using a HTC EVO V 4g

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Use the app silent camera app from the play store. This app allows you to shot video and take pictures silently without having too have that sound.


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Unfortunately htc is dumb with this problem but the only way to disable it without getting another camera app is to root it. Don't worry its not nearly as difficult as it seems but it's sooooooo worth it. ;)

I also had this problem I think there are other apps to record silently but the quality isn't nearly as good as the htc camera.


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does it call your phone to move slow? Because i jailbroke my ipod touch it seem
to suck balls after a while