Oct 22, 2010

I found a few threads on similar problems already and I'm aware that the Facebook syncing on most Androids is a bit screwy, but I didn't find anything on my specific problem, so I thought I'd ask anyway.

I have a Nexus One, running Froyo. I have my Facebook contacts linked to my contacts list. Two (thank goodness its only two) of my Facebook contacts have decided to forgo their real names in favor of silly nicknames. I had to manually link these Facebook profiles to their contacts in the phone, as obviously they weren't recognised automatically.

Oddly, for one of the contacts, the phone has added the Facebook contact no worries, and the contact shows up as the real full name which I entered in, withe the Facebook contact details at the bottom. For the other of these contacts the stupid Facebook name has overridden the actual name of the contact. His real name is still showing in all of the contact fields bar the Facebook one, but it won't display in my contacts list, SMS screen etc.

I tried un-syncing my Facebook account, after which this person's name displayed correctly. So I then re-synced my Facebook account and re-linked the Facebook profile to the contact - same problem again.

As an experiment, I went through the same procedure with the other contact who has a fake Facebook name and the problem did not occur.

Any ideas?
...either. so i have facebook and twitter contacts that i can't access thru settings or contact remover app. only option offered for removal is to remove them from the actual twitter account. dis-associated the account, i even created a new twitter account and paired the phone to the new account. no help; over 1000 contacts that won't go away. good odds that the fb and social connections are whats bogging everything down. now the text messaging and phone usage speed is down to the point of slower than rotary. thinking of a hard reset (tho i kno not the way) and only linking to google services that i used initially. only makes sense since its google's OS, right?

please help w any other ideas out there? i'm not uncovering much on my own. thank you in advance for any feedback!

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@ Sulfura, well since it's only contact that's having the issue, you might want to merge and edit the contact in your gmail (contact option). Contacts in your gmail/phone auto sync so you'll notice the edit right away.