Help SIM card on Acer A500

Around 2 months ago I bought the Acer A500 Iconia TAB. Upgraded the android os to ICS and had less problems with it. Anyways, I noticed there was a slot you could put a SIM card in. When I went to a website where it tells you phone specifications, the page said that this tablet is not capable of data. I was wondering why there is a SIM card slot as tmobile has a really great offer, $10 a month for 5gb data. Thanks.


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Hello, hyfurd2112, welcome to Android Forums - thanks for joining! :)

I believe the A501 is the version that is 3G/4G capable, whereas the A500 isn't. They are almost the same, sharing the same case, which is why they both have the slot for the SIM card.


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Thank you D-U-R-X for the answer and the welcome. Anyways, I did do a search on the Acer A501 and it turns out that specific model does have data but not the Acer A500. :( Thanks again.