Sim card?

So I saw a video where someone opened up the phone from the box and he started playin with it from there. He showed and displayed the whole phone. He opened up the back and showed a spot for the sim card which he said will be needed for the 4G network...I was wondering if you had to buy this or does it come with the phone. I did not see the card in the box.


The sim card would come from Verizon. And since this phone most likely came from HTC as a review unit, that would explain why there wasn't one in the box.


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if they make it so I dont have to pay for 4g they can keep the 4g card... I'm not in a service area until I take my vacation to vegas... I would like it for that so I can see if 4g speed is worth it


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Of course it'd come with it. Why would they call it their first 4G LTE phone, and then make you pay for a sim card as well? lol