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I have a GSM Galaxy S2 through the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

I will be going on a trip to Canada and wanted to unlock the phone so I can put in a simcard from a Canadian provider to use up there.

My understsnding is once I unlock the phone then I can put in another simcard, but does that mean I will need to be assigned a new phone number when I input the new simcard?

Welcome to the forums vandeyla. You can take your S2 to Walmart and ask them to unlock it for you. Unfortunately it is still illegal for an end user to unlock their phone in the US.



I thought the unlocking was already legal in the US. What can you say about the following text?

SIM lock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


If you actually scroll down to the segment for the US, it states verbatim:

According to a ruling effective October 28, 2012, it will be illegal to unlock phones purchased 90 days after this date or later without the carrier's permission.In other words, users can already unlock phones they already own, and phones purchased before January 29, 2013, but phones purchased after this point can only be unlocked with the carrier's permission.

They butchered the January 29th day because it was actually January 26th due to 90 days not equalling exactly 3 months, but it has the notice of the change.