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(sim) contacts are added on restart

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jgroep, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. jgroep

    jgroep Lurker
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    I use Gingerbread ROM (HTCdev). All is fine, except this is happening for the second time:

    After an update of an app, I sometimes switch off the phone and switch it back on again and contacts are duplicated. (No thanks, Roy and Moss!)

    Yesterday after an update of "Lookout Mobile Security" I also switched the phone off and back on again. Again contacts are copied on SIM, so if I had one "John Doe" I now have two "John Doe". Restart the phone and I get three, restart four, restart five, etc... This happens with all entries in contactslist! Trying to delete the duplicated contacts and the contactslist crashes. All contacts are gone!

    As written this happened after an update of "Lookout Mobile Security", but the first time was after an update of "Friendface" (Facebook).

    I think this is a serious bug, but am I the only one who has this great feature on his phone?

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