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Hello, my earlier phone saved the sim contacts in a really bad way, long story short - when I search them on my new android phone [htc hero], they are all messed up.. I want to download them to my computer, edit them, and upload them back to the phone, how can I do that?

Reminder: not talking about google contacts or anything like that, i'm talking about contacts that are saved on my SIM card.

Carl C

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You should export them from your sim to the Phone to make them Google Contacts -> Log in to -> Edit them as you want -> When they've synced to the phone -> Delete all the Un-edited , Old Contacts on the SIM -> Use the app "Contact2sim" to copy the new ones back onto the SIM :)

Carl C

Extreme Android User
Taken from :

How can I import contacts from my SIM card?

To import all contacts press MENU > All Programs > People > slide to the All tab, press MENU, and then tap Import. If you have Google or Exchange ActiveSync accounts set up on your phone choose the type for the imported contacts, and then tap OK {Select Google Contacts}. To import one contact on the Contact Details screen for that contact, press MENU, and then tap Save to contacts.