Help sim free Desire HD froyo to gingerbread

Hello All, I have a sim free Desire HD and would like to update from froyo to Gingerbread. When I check for system firmware updates my phone says there are no updates available. How do I update to Gingerbread? Thanks


Is it using a standard Rom ?, if it is then contact HTC as the update should be available, if you are using a custom Rom then you'll need to do it manually


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I'm probably using a standard ROM as I haven't changed anything since it came out of the box. Software version is 2.2.1 Cheers!

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As far as I'm aware, there's no way of forcing the update. There are a number of things that get checked for when it looks for the update, software number is one of them, along with what's called the CID (Stands for Carrier ID I think). Unbranded handsets should have a CID of HTC_011 (or similar), if that doesn't match, the update won't install. Check your CID with CID Getter.

That's your Android version, there should be a software version/number on the same page? if it's 2.2.1, it should be 1.72.405.x