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SIM not recognized..but suddenly after a month of use

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by muskellunge, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. muskellunge

    muskellunge Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So i purchased a ATT HTC inspire 4g about a month and a half ago. It concerned me that upon the process i did not recieve a new SIM card but my old scraped up SIM card from about 3 years of use was slipped right back into the phone.
    I recently spent a night listening to music on my phone (w/ headphones) and when it came time to retire for the night I plugged my phone up to charge and i was out. That morning i didnt notice anything particularly different about service or my SIM not being recognized or anything but about 2 hours later while driving, i was waiting for a call. Then upon closer inspection i noticed I had no service whatsoever on the device and the SIM was not being recognized even though it WAS in the phone.

    I took out the SIM card/Battery/SD chip multiple times, turning the device on and off for hours at a time. I tried to mess with the Airplane mode..nothing. Uninstalling recent apps...nothing. Restarting it time and time again, wiping copper contact areas multiple times and still nothing. Wifi still works and connects well.

    Has anyone experienced this same problem. what did you do?
    Or to anyone else what would you recommend to take as a next step?

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  2. WhoMe?

    WhoMe? Newbie

    Was it an upgrade? Did you get some text messages from ATT thanking you for upgrading?
  3. evelien

    evelien Newbie

    I had this problem once with an old SE phone and with a blackberry. With the Sony, I returned it under warranty and got it back 3 months later without an explanation. With my blackberry I tried again a couple of hours later and it worked. This problem returned a couple of times with the bb but it always solved itself. My sim card is really old but I never had this problem with my galaxy s, still using the now even older sim (phone's on a contract didn't exist until about 2 years ago over here, still can't get a decent deal...). Maybe some devices are just sensitive for old Sims.

    To sum up: I would recommend asking your provider for a new sim card. Don't let them take your phone into warranty because your sim 'works' in the store on a different phone for testing, I fell into that trap and ended up without my, then 400$, phone for 3 months...

    Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, not my native language.

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