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SIM unlock code for Boost mobile

Discussion in 'Boost Mobile' started by XxSpastikPomxX, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. XxSpastikPomxX

    Thread Starter

    Hi all,
    I recently bought a boost mobile and found out that it needs a unlock code to work for a different SIM card. Does anyone know the code and could pass it on, itll be very helpful.

    Thanks :)

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    Post #2 by MLSS, Jul 18, 2013 (1 points)

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  3. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    I didn't realize that any Boost Mobile phones had Sims. I thought all Boost phones were CDMA
  4. rockdoctor1

    rockdoctor1 Well-Known Member

    They are CDMA but HTC phones (and others) have SIM cards also becuse they are world phones and can do both CDMA and GSM. I assume this is what he is talking about. It is a little more complicated then just unlocking the SIM. I assume (assume) the current phones were like my old Touch Pro 2. To make that phone use GSM you have to security unlock it and then flash the GSM radio. Otherwise the phone could not "see" US GSM providers. Now the SIM/GSM radio is unlocked for use outside the US. You can use them over seas just by putting in an active European or what ever SIM card. My suggestion is to do a serious google search and see what you can find. But i have a suspicion it is more complicated then just typing in a code to unlock the phone for US based GSM providers. At least for my TP2 it was a fairly complicated process.

    Now if i am wrong and all you want is the MSL (master subsidy lock) code you can find it many different ways. The easiest way, if you just happened to print the instructions you were give over the internet when you activated your phone with Boost, it gave you the phone number, MSID and MSL #s. If you do not have this then you can search on the net for one of the other ways to find your MSL code. This is different then SIM unlock code. If you are lucky it may be as simple as getting an app off the store but may be as complicated as having to use a terminal eliminator to search for it on the phone. good luck
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  5. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

    Which phone did you buy?
  6. rockdoctor1

    rockdoctor1 Well-Known Member

    ...and what exactly are you trying to do? Use a Boost phone on a GSM network or just mod a Boost phone for use on Boost???
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  7. XxSpastikPomxX

    Thread Starter

    ZTE T760, a touch phone which i recently bought and trying to use a different card so i dont have to use the boost network.
  8. rockdoctor1

    rockdoctor1 Well-Known Member

    Here is a site that will show you how to do it for a fee... If you find anything out let us know. maybe somebody else is thinking about doing this. Good luck
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  9. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    I bought the Boost Jump Smart last week for $A39 (Australia Post still has them advertised for $A39 in latest catalogue)

    It is a ZTE T760 locked to the Telstra network

    I googled a large number of sites and finally realised that I would have to pay for an unlock.

    The first one I tried was Code-Unlocking.com for about $A6 - failed - money refunded
    the next was Unlock.io for around $A14 - failed - money refunded
    finally OneUnlock.com at around $A17.50 - this one worked.

    You need to insert another SIM card and start up.

    You will boot into the unlock section. Simply enter the unlock code and push OK.

    Apparently you get 10 chances at unlocking before you brick you phone.

    BTW has anyone found a way to root these beasts?

    I have tried Unlock Root, On Click Root, SRSRoot for Android and many more as well as many adb methods.

    Can anyone help with ideas sources, etc?
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  10. Slickyy

    Slickyy Well-Known Member

    I'm going to assume you're on the other Boost Network...the one not in the United States. If that's the case, then I'm not sure if anyone here can help, most of the people that look at the Boost section are from the states. Maybe a mod can direct you to a more resourceful area of the forum.
  11. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, the ZTE T2760 I am referring to is an Australian version.

    However the unlocking site should be universal as you have to provide details of your phone, service provider, etc.
  12. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member


    I was refering to and Australian ZTE T760.

    Nonetheless, the paid unlocking site has been shown to work with the ZTE and should be universal as you have to supply phone details, country, service provider etc. to get the unlock code.
  13. rockdoctor1

    rockdoctor1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. Even though it does not apply to Boost Mobile (Sprint) it still may help somebody who finds this thread via Google.

    I wonder though...if i remember correctly CDMA is still somewhat popular in Australia. If i remember what i have read, some of the less populated areas are still using 1900mHz CDMA for cell service...
  14. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    I have little experience with mobile phones but I recall the CDMA network closed down in Australia in 2008 or 2009.
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  15. Djkhaled

    Djkhaled Lurker

    I bought a new phone from boost mobile its the lh volt 2 and now i want to switch to another company, but when i put the other company's sim it does not work.
    If anyone knows how to fix this problem pls help
  16. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

  17. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    In addition to waiting 12 months, most Boost phones will only be allowed to move to other Sprint MVNOs like Virgin Mobile, Ting, etc.
  18. Leo Nicholson

    Leo Nicholson Member

    I finally gave up on my Boost Mobile Warp Sync and use a $30 AT&T Lumina. (I prefer Android, but at least the thing unlocked for free and works).

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